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CAGIVA MITO 125 advice?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RICHH, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. hey im new too the site...but i been reading and watching the forums for agesss! i am looking at getting my first bike...which will be cagiva mito 125....the one i am looking at is a 2004 model with 7500 clicks on the engine...it has been involed in a small drop with only a few minor scratches..it also has a derestiction kit from moto one...is there anything inperticular i should look out for? or are these a pretty reliable little bike...? also is servicing or maintanance gonna kill me coz its an italian bike? any replys would be appreciated...thanks in advance..

  2. 1. It's a 125cc 2 stroke... i hope your ready to wring it's neck to get it moving.

    2. As it's a 125cc 2 stroke, the maintanence costs associated with wringing it's neck are understandably high.

    3. Your wringing the neck on an italian high maintanence motorbike - prepare to pay for it.

    Aside from all of those, 125cc 2 strokes really aren't the best learner bike. Their no quicker than a 250cc 4 stroke, and unless your a keen spanner-monkey and want to learn how to rebuild a 2-stroke i personally wouldn't go near one. I mean... yes, they look good, and handle really well cos there's not much too them; aside from that - move along. :wink:

    If your after performance and handling, i'd be looking for an Aprilia RS250. If your after bang for buck performance, go look for an RGV250. If you want something cheap and quick, start by looking at Yammy FZR250, then move along through the usual Honda CBR250RR and Kawasaki ZXR250. When your sick of the a$$hole tax associated with 250cc and other small bikes, start looking at things like GPX's, ZZR's, or Bandit's/ Balius /Hornet /Spada /VTR's.

    As with all small/ lightweight/ underpowered bikes, the rider makes the biggest difference not the bike. Pick your weapon of choice and learn to use it with experience and skill.
  3. Yep the Mito's a nice bike, would love to ride one but personally wouldn't want to own one. If you must have one then the most important thing would be to avoid one that's been used for track work - even still expect service/running costs to be high.
  4. hey guys...thanks for your help...i already own a 2 stroke dirt bike...and thats why i am leaning towards for cagiva...plus the looks side of things aswell! is anyone else knows anything else to look for please give me the heads up!!!
  5. If it has been derestricted there will be a hole in the exhaust that has been welded over. If its not derestricted it will have a cigar looking chamber hanging off the exhaust about 30cm down the exhaust from where it comes out of the head.

    If you want it derestricted and done right drop me a PM.
  6. its had a smaller front cog put on it and new intectors...not sure whats happened with the exhaust side of things..is there anyone who u can get to inspect bikes? i wouldnt mind having that peice of mind....