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Caging into work I think

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Sir Skuffy, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Hey all,

    To the guys, if you are on this website, who joined me for the fun ride from Geelong to Melbourne and to those that joined along the way... Riding GSXR's... What a blast of a ride

    Rode in this morning at pretty high speed splitting lanes and riding rather quick.... It must have been the Ghost Rider video we watched saturday night.... What a blast.... But, this has made me realise that I think I need to do the following:

    1. Take it easy for if I continue to ride this way, my luck will change as it has in the past
    2. Take the cage into work Monday through Thursday so as to increase the odds of survival :p
    3. Time to be a little more sensible.

    Anyways, what a blast this morning was.... 8)
  2. Maybe you could put a new speedo on your bike that only reads to 60km/h. Ask the three monkeys of transport in this state...Bracks, Batchelor and Shuey/Hastings/whoever (I can never remember who it is. They change so often). I'm sure they can help you out. :)
  3. Careful out there mate - there's been MORE than enough motorcyclists put off the road this year (permanently or otherwise) - we don't need you added to the statistic.
  4. That's why I started caging it to work most days now. I've got a wife & a 5 month old son to think about now.

    Good move I reckon.
  5. I respect your views and your actions , but find the logic floored.

    if you ride properly and not hooning there should be no reason for you to be in any direct or indirect danger that would warrant taking the car to work.
    All riders are prone to some dangers that are not the same as cage drivers , but with riding within the limits and also conditions at the time while making sure the traffic can see you
    should sufice than having to resort to driving a car .
    if this is the case then riders would sell there bikes and drive cars as it doesnt matter whether its late at night , peak hour traffic or not the danger are still there, it is how you deal with them and your approach at the time.

    the other night i rode to work , faster than i normal do (like a bit of an idiot) and was nearly involved in incedents on 2 occassions.
    the cars did contribute to it by not looking as well but they didnt expect a bike to be on top of them doing ## in a 60 kph zone.
    riding like a dick was the contributing factor to these incedent.

    in saying that its isnt allways , we can be taking our time doing the right thing and it happens also , but taking our time actually cuts down any extra avoidable risk.
  6. In best Gestapo voice .. "Youuuu Idddiiooottttt!!"
  7. You too .... "Youuuu Idddiiooottttt!!"
  8. Good post Glen

    I do agree with you on some of your points but at the same time don't believe my "logic to be floored/flawed :wink: "

    [quote="groberts03]the cars did contribute to it by not looking as well[/quote]

    This is probably the main reason why I don't ride every day during the week anymore. I believe in peak hour there is more of a chance to be hit by another vehicle then if I was out on a leisurely ride on the weekends. It doesn't really matter if you are riding safely-some twit will still cut you off, etc.

    It's more the other traffic that I worry about rather than the way I ride. I try to ride as responably as I can (eg: no speeding fine in 15+ years).

    I respect your opinion but in my case & my situation I think my arguement is rather plausible. Plus also I can't pick up Liam on the bike from creche (when he's old enough to go in), so its a practicality issue as well.
  9. I tend to find the peak hour along nepean hwy, I travel by bike almost everyday, Is easier than
    the weekend traffic, the sunday casual drivers that come out on weekends are worse than taxis.
  10. cbrsteve
    you are right , and i was not specifically pointing to your situation, as i said i respect every's views to do what they wish.
    (i probably did not explain it properley and was worded poorly)

    I just wanted to point out that the way we ride is a contributor to many incedents /near misses also, and if we take a good look at that we cut down the risk. (thats why I used the example of the other night)
  11. Hey Groberts.

    You are 100% correct... If you ride fast and crazy, chances of incident are higher, no disagreement at all,

    My problem, whenever I ride, I ride fast and this is something that has occurred in the past with dire consequences. SO, I am shortcutting the possibilities.

    See you friday night.
  12. If the weather's reasonable, I ride. If I get killed, tough.

    Not everyone can say (in the spirit world), that they got killed doing something they loved eh?

    Just hope that if it happens, that its fatal, don't wanna be left half alive watching everyone else on their bikes :(
  13. 100% agreed Glen-this does play a big role in accidents, near misses etc.

    I've also noticed now that I'm not riding everyday that I really enjoy riding a whole lot more when I get out on the weekends now. :D

    I still try to ride at least once a week to make sure the skill level doesn't drop off.
  14. Hey MissZZR and CBRSteve....

    Careful what you wish for.... I have been there and believe me, you wont like it.
  15. You've been killed before :?: :?: 8)
  16. He was proclaimed dead twice on the way to hospital :shock: One or two of his early posts told the story.

    -edit- read about it here if you missed it