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Cages will never learn...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Was coming back from dropping of a DVD just now and following 'driving miss daisy', you know the type that brakes about 5 minutes before a corner :roll: and came up to a set of lights with dual lanes....so split to the front to get past this car.

    Lights go green and I take off and accelerate fast to get away from the traffic, then look in my rear vision mirror, I'm doing about 70 in a 50 zone from lights acceleration and sure enough one of the cars that was at the front is right up my arse doing his best to keep up with me :roll:

    So after a tight corner I wind in on and put some distance between us then settle down to a respectable 60ish speed, this is a 50 zone all the way home practically....this guys sitting about 30 meters back or so driving a white station wagon, you could tell he wanted to sit on my arse and show me who was boss, but he obviously wasn't too keen on getting a ticket either.

    Each time I slowed to go through a roundabout he would come right up close, then I would wind it on to keep him at distance while keeping an eye on him in my mirrors.

    We get to whats going to be another set of lights and although I'm about 100 metres away I can see they're going to be red, one of those shitty lights that change orange after about 2 seconds, then stay red for about 5 minutes as they cross a major arterial road.

    The road splits into two lanes and is clear so I wind it on a bit as I approach the stationary cars at the lights, probably getting up to about 80ks....this turkey jumps in the other lane and roars past me doing at least 100 :shock: then has to slow down for the lights which are most definately RED.

    We're both about 10 cars from the front so its going to be at least two sets and 10 minutes wait....he sits there, I split to the front and go on my merry way never to see this fcukwit again. :wink:

  2. hell yeah
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. :LOL: I hate when they do that just keeping up with you because they think they can..

    And then you see their faces all angry like when you split past them at the lights, I did that twice to the same chick today (Before and after stopping for petrol) and she looked pissed :rofl:
  4. What a tool :shock:

    Lanesplitting I love it. Had my learners for a few weeks and have started riding into the city everyday.

    Look down the road 10 cars at the lights, take deep breath, gather courage and zip between them, first at the lights, I have cut my travel time down by 1/2 hour in the last couple of weeks.

    :LOL: :LOL: love the look on the cagers faces, bloody motorbikes :LOL: :LOL:
  5. The thing that gets me is would they drive like that if you weren't there? Because you aren't really there anyway, you're just passing through their little world :grin:

    Its amazing how small minded some people can be, getting annoyed if someone else gets somewhere before them...its the whole queing mentality :roll:
  6. I love happy endings!

  7. Haha, nice........that cager is a looooseerrrr
  8. some people accelerate hard and brake hard because it's fun.. why assume he's a loser? maybe he was admiring your bike?
  9. idiot :roll:
  10. There is a ferry not far from my place..berowra waters, which I use occasionally. Both sides of the ferry are uphill and a bit twisty.

    Usually upon arriving at the ferry there is cages waiting..I go past and sit at the front, as the ferry master always ushers bikes to the front and waves them off first.

    Well a few weeks ago, get to the ferry..jump to the front and start waiting for the ferry. The driver who was at the front gets out of his car, comes over to me and says, "why cant you wait like everyone else?"

    My response was.." if you can catch me on the other side I will gladly pull over and let you past"...driver says nothing and walks back to car...
  11. chill dude, no need to make it personal :)