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Cages overtaking on blind corners

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Jimmyz, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. So yesterday having only 3 hours to myself all weekend courtesy of work I decide to go out for a ride down my favourite twisty road, which as it happens has become a little less favourite, well... at least on Sundays.

    The road (Mcarrs Creek) had a few more cyclists than usual. I have been down that road plenty of times before and have seen one or two, but it must have been the good weather that had them out in packs!

    I was stuck behind some numbnut in a Honda Jazz which had overtaken two seperate groups of cyclists on blind corners. Flashing my lights at this idiot and pointing at the centreline to illustrate what he was doing is asking for an accident; then he overtakes the third group. :mad:

    I get past this numpty and continue down the road to find one of my favourite corners; which has fairly limited visability. Knowing there are cyclists around and that they are likely to be in the gutter I was extra vigilant, which proved to be lucky when a holden commonwhore coming in the opposite direction overtaking yet another group of cyclists crossed a third of the way into my lane, which is a fairly significant amount given that the lanes on Mcarrs are fairly narrow. I stood the bike up on the brakes and ran wide, but leaned back into the corner before I met the gravel and armco. How many lives do I get?

    Sunday Bloody Sunday.

    I think I need a new twisty road :(
  2. Head up West head road, they have resurfaced it, and you can wind it out in safety, from idiots and the from the law. do coal and candles, its a little bumpier, but is more technical and decent fun. and they're both quiet!!

    but I understand your pain. cyclists, and impatient cars that then decide 40kmh is the maximum safe speed they can manage. irritating, and there are few overtaking opportunities on 250s... its always crap to dawdle through your favourite sections stuck behind cars or worse, buses.
  3. Fair point, but remember it is often two-wheelers who overtake on blind corners as well, rationalising as they do, that their exposure time on the other side of the road is less than that of a car's so they can get away with it.

    As always, leave something in reserve (as you obviously did) and the numpties won't be wearing you as a hood ornament.
  4. Oh that sounds good, I went up west head a while ago, but I'll definitely give it another shot. I've only ever done coal and candle creek so far as cottage point, but I see on the maps it actually does a whole loop.

    Sounds like fun! :grin:
  5. You have a fair point there, I have come across a few riders doing that on corners, some not even overtaking just going too fast and running wide. I guess it was just helplessly watching this guy doing it front of me, followed by another cager doing the same thing that freaked me out a bit. A few riders are just as guilty when it comes to that then.
  6. I did it after my last exam today... best afternoon ever. its smoooooooooooooooooooooooth. wide sweeping bends. nothing sharp, but its still fun. and the view at the end is amazing... bring some lunch/or your gf and she'll love you.

    and yes as always, leave something in reserve. went round a bend to find two trucks in the middle of the road. take the right line and leave some reserve and all will be well.

    [EDIT] west head is smooth but coal and candles aint, as i'm sure you know. take your gf up there and she'll hate you. beware the crappy road signs. most of them will mark 45 and 35kmh corners for no apparent reason, but two of them actually DO mark bad corners(a hairpin & a decreasing radius one) take it easy.
  7. Both Paul and I noted the inconsistency of advisories on the Putty on Sunday, too. There were 2 instances, one in the 10 mile and one on the run up to Colo Heights where the first corner was signposted at 55 and was easy and the one straight after was signposted at 65 and was a much tighter corner.

    I guess that's why they call the "advisory" signs; take their advice with a grain of salt.
  8. I reckon they just get the excess signs and post 'em at random. Corner posted 45. Saw through it easy, took it at about 80 and was no where near my limit. bumps don't help though. Don't let the signs lull you into a false sense of security though.
    Vanishing point, center line, trees and some common sense work better.
  9. i loved heading into Otford in the RNP, seeing the 60 speed limit sign and the 65 advisory sign 20 metres past it.
  10. I must say i was riding up mccarrs creek road on my pushbike early on monday morning (like, 730ish) as i had a day off work and spent the night in that area so thought i'd hit up a ride.

    Man the tradies were out in force. Heaps of them live down near there and they all go mental up that road. I had a similar instance to you; a guy in a massive hilux loaded with stuff overtook on a straight with an ONCOMING CAR LESS THAN 50M AWAY!!!

    Thats no big deal cause i only take up half a meter of lane, but it is when the road is narrow, there's no shoulder, they're in a bigass car and theres another big ass car coming down!

    Luckily the oncoming car honked and showed his dissatisfaction. Of course, on the bike i could only think of honking or flashing my lights...

    Other than that, its a fantastic road!
  11. The first time I road that road, there was a tradie going for it in front of me... funny thing even on my L's I had no trouble keeping up.... in fact he was in the way.
    as a showcase of his awesome 'skillz' he punched it on a hairpin, lost the back, over corrected and ended up nose first in the bushes. I waited patiently whist he extracted himself and roared on his way, no doubt feeling pretty inadequate.
  12. ride it at night. I've never encountered cyclists at night, and headlights give you a warning of when cars are approaching. However make sure its night, if its dusk you may hit a roo.
  13. That's one of my biggest fears approaching blind corners, that there'll be another vehicle encroaching on my lane as they cut a corner, or come out too wide, whether it be a car, truck, bus or even another bike. See it all too often.
  14. I have the same problem on the same road, it sucks when retarded cagers dont stay in their lane around corners, so you need to take a pretty conservative line.

    Even with drivers do the right thing and go very slowly behind a cyclist until its safe to overtake, this still causes issues if you come around the corner and have to smash the brakes to avoid crashing into the car/s in front queued up behind a cyclist doing 10kmh.

    Needless to say I now just cruise up and down it very carefully.

    On a scarier note, I watched a car overtake another car around a blind higher speed corner (65 recommended) last week. Idiots are everywhere..
  15. True that, though my headlight isn't adequate and I find I'm taking most of the corners 'by memory' meaning I can hardly see where the heck I'm going, it's just that I've ridden that road about 50 times.

    Done it twice at night, first time was epic (uphill) (in the rain as well) second time was just damn scary (downhill).

    I love that road though esp. the hairpins towards the downhill end, I can get my lean on :grin: