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Cages are starting to find me

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Whitey, May 2, 2009.

  1. As I have only been riding for about a month now I have been quite selective in where and when I ride to avoid dangerous intersections and the likes and have been lucky to not come across any situations that could turn bad so far. I keep a good buffer, don't split and generally stay out of the way.... until today.
    Rode to work in Kilsyth to meet a workmate and ride to the PS sale in Ferntree Gully. Got there OK, lots of cars, bikes, people everywhere but all good. Decided to go for a ride up in the hills after this. Following my mate along the highway in the middle lane (don't like it, but he was leading) and a lady in a CX9 decides to do a u-turn from the oncoming side thinking it will turn into the right hand lane (to my right) Saw her turning and new there was no chance of a tight turn, backed right off & moved to the left of the lane. Sure enough, her bonnet ends up halfway into my lane ahead of me before pulling into the right lane.

    Got to the left lane further down and noticed just past the lights at the shopping strip in FTG cars were parked blocking the lane. Slowed down to pull into the middle lane next to my mate but cars flying down behind him. Next thing the idiot behind me is on the horn because there is 6 car lengths ahead of me. Accelerated further down and merged in just past the lights to see him fly past me and then get jammed up behind the parked cars that he hadn't seen. (friendly glance back to say too bad). As soon as I went to move back to the left he had cut back in and coming up the inside lane. Saw him with a head check and just waved him through first. Better him in front of me than behind. As he passes me he waves to say thanks. WTF?

    Continued our ride up Mt Dandenong Tourist road & the Mountain Hwy then back down to Burwood hwy to head home via Belgrave.

    Burwood Hwy again and a Fairlane in the middle lane decides he wants to turn right into the shopping strip while I'm in the right hand lane. Saw that he had edged across his lane and kept back. Indicators must have been optional extras on his model. Then going through Belgrave where it forms one lane a Statesman towing a trailer behind me in the right hand lane decides he should be in front when the road merges. Speeds up to pass and then brakes for all the other cars in front of him at the lights.

    It was an interesting ride considering I have only clocked up about 700km on a bike and I felt I handled it well without freaking out. Have been driving for 16 years so used to reading traffic and idiots.

    Not really having a rant or venting but just sharing what happened. Don't know if there was much I could have changed but made it back home safe and more aware so all good.


  2. :LOL:

    The good news is you're good at identifying these idiots. The bad news is there is no shortage of supply in them. The only way you're going to see a drop in this stupid and aggressive behaviour is to ride a white BMW R1200, while wearing a white helmet and fluoro vest.
  3. or u could always attach red and blue flashing nenons lol
  4. What I like about this story is how you saw most things coming. While you havent been riding very long it seems you have very good situational awareness and very sensible strategies to deal with it.

    Remember though, your on a motorcycle. You do have a few other options over a car, namely your acceleration, to get you out of dangerous situations.

    Good read, I've only done about 2x your km's but have met just as many retards already :p
  5. Whitey good read mate. Am the sam have only been riding for about 3 months. I am the same as you, i tend to be able to spot the idiots and read traffic rather well after 15 years in a cage. I like to think that this experience helps alot with me been safer on a bike. At the end of the day these same idiots can get ya when you are in a cage as well, you simply have more to lose on a bike.
  6. I guess one other thing that helps is I always give myself plenty of time to get anywhere whether on the bike or in a car. This means I'm not in a rush to overtake, I can be courteous and let others in front or merge without getting stressed and frustrated that I will be late. Point is, you keep a cool head and stay more relaxed on the bike. I get to where I'm going when I get there (but I'm still normally early)

  7. This is a huge benefit, I think. I feel sorry for learners who are learning to ride a bike and read traffic. Little mistakes in a car is just a matter of "oops, sorry". On a bike it is unforgiving.
  8. I have to agree... I've only been driving for about 12 years but I was taught well and am concious not only of my driving but of that of others... I was always taught from day 1 that while you're always in control of your car(or should be), others may not be and that it doesn't matter that you were right when you're 6' under.