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cagers who litter.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. specifically cigarettes butts, or still lit ones.....grrrrrr....
    had this happen to me today, guy finishes his smoke throws it out the window, onto what he assumes is the road, and nearly hits me in the leg ( thank god i wasn't squiding :wink: )...
    if one thing pisses me off its these cagers that do this. what's this ashtray for dickhead? i almost want to pull over, pick it, drive up next to him and chuck it back in his car, "sorry mate, you dropped this" :grin:

    that or keep a supply of finished ciggys so you can go up to the offending driver and dump some in his car anyway.
    Pls note: as an ex smoker, i am probably the worst anti smoking nazi around, or am probably jealous....

    this happened to anyone else?
  2. yep. happens all the time.

    sometimes i'm sure its intentional.
  3. Yeah pisses me off when you get a visor full of ash when they ash out the window..

    And i have thrown a lit ciggie back in a cagers window before and id do it again.
  4. ashtray's for coins mate! dont you know that? :LOL:

    its pretty frustrating mate i know your pain. maccas wrappers are pretty ordinary too. its only paper but you think these disgusting pigs could put it in the centre console till they get to a bin wouldnt ya.
  5. Hey guys, come on let's have a bit of compassion for those less intelligent than us.... :wink:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.