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Cagers!!!... what is their problem!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by jhammy, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. I was riding home from work today in Chatswood, Sydney, east along Warringah Road, during rush hour, and it was busier than usual. The traffic was coasting at around 20kph, which is the most annoying speed as I don't like splitting at that speed as cagers love to randomly cut across lanes without indicating, so I personally just don't do it unless the traffic stops. So at one point there was a lane moving faster (by about 5kph) than my lane so I watched for a bit of a space, indicated, did a shoulder check and then merged into the gap.

    What happened next made me want to stop my bike, get off and put my fist through the windscreen on the middle aged man in a Corolla. And i'm not a violent man.

    I watched him in my mirror as I merged into that lane and just as I had moved fully into the lane and cancelled my signal he floored it and slammed on so hard that he lock up his wheels and went a little bit sideways as he was doing so and then punched his horn at me for a good 5 seconds... like I had just cut him up!

    My whole manoeuvre took place in only a few seconds but I was perfectly happy that it was done correctly especially for it being slow speeds and there was a gap big enough for a truck to fit in.

    So what the fu*k is his problem! I guess he drove at me, and then slammed on at the last second to prove a point... The only point I can see that he proved is that he's mentally disabled!

  2. I had the same thing with a Corolla driver yesterday but he tapped my rear wheel. In the domain tunnel, was it a brown beige colour?
  3. This is why you should consider always riding with a GoPro cam or similar.
  4. No it was a dark grey colour. Hope you managed to keep yourself upright.

    If he'd run into the back of me, who's at fault? I suppose it depends if there are witnesses etc.
  5. Yeah just a tap to try to scare me the ****er
  6. I have no doubt your maneuver was kosher, mate. Sounds to me like he wasn't paying attention then had a panic attack when he finally woke up and saw you there.

    Just ignore it. Early on I read a line on another forum that I repeat to myself whenever a cager f[FONT=&quot]ü[/FONT]cks up - just smile and pretend it's your nanna.

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    ^^ Reminds me of a day years ago, my Mum was dropping a mate off after Saturday hockey in Tamworth. Near his house, we saw a car come round a corner onto our side of the road for about 50m before it got back across. We laughed at it and he said 'that's something my Nanna would do'. As we passed the car and checked out the driver, he says 'That IS my Nanna!'
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  8. should of punched the co*k anyway
  9. Time to deploy the Twatcannon.
  10. Not to hijack the thread - but I have more problems with Toyota drivers than any other - and corolla drivers seem to be the worst:
    - slow to accelerate
    - late to indicate
    - leaving huge gaps between them and the next car in peak hour traffic
    - changing lanes randomly....

    AND for some reason they must be hard to steer because no corolla I have ever trailed has been able to take a corner without braking, stopping and a full five minutes reconiotre of the turn :driver:
  11. Funny enough I used to own a Corolla as a company car (i'd never actually go out and but one!) and it drove fine. Bit slow cuz they put tiny engines in them but they seem to be driven by old people general. And old people usually display the types of driving skills you're talking about.
  12. Why not. I think they make perfect sense for anyone who owns bikes. Overpriced though.
  13. he's at fault
  14. define "old"
  15. Even though I'm not a rider (YET), I fully agree with this... and I'm a toyota driver myself (thankfully not something whitegoods-spec) Camry and Corolla drivers (in general) are the worst.

    The source of a lot of my frustration on roads. You know you're in for a long commute when you're stuck behind either

  16. Obviously never riden/driven behind me then .... my company car is a Camry Sportivo ..
  17. Blanket statement yes, but good work on being the minority in that demographic... if only there were more like you :)
  18. My bet too. Had a similar thing happen to me one on a moderately slowly moving freeway. Made my way through the traffic and ended up cruising in the left lane next to a Camry. I could see the guy through the passenger window. Traveling next to him for a couple of ks at roughly 40-60 and then the guy went to merge across on me. I hit the horn and the guy jumped out of his skin and then started abusing me.

    Clearly he'd been asleep for the last couple of ks and thought I'd just popped into the space.

    Funny thing is I think the window was down and my bike isn't quiet.

  19. This ^^^^

  20. I'd leave you for dust in my wife's corolla, not all of them are pf the whitegoods variety and some are exceedingly fast and a hoot to drive.