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Cagers ... the problem is much worse than I ever thought!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by VCM, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. After just over 2 years, 25000km of riding daily, I have come across many a dick-head on 4 wheels. After advancing to the 600, it seemed to me that I was coming across there IDIOTS less and less. I now realise the reason for this >>> it's much easier to getaway from the 'herd' on a 600, therefore out of sight and harms way.
    Circumstances saw me off the bike the last week or so. My Father suffered a minor stroke, and taking the car was a necessity, as I had to carry passengers up and back daily to visit him at Cabrini's Hospital.

    Nothing prepared me for what I witnessed. Having to commute in the car, enveloped in mainstream traffic, I was APPALLED at the amount of aggressive drivers there were. There were tail-gaters, impatient knobs swerving in and out of lanes, morons overtaking by sliding into the left emergency lanes on the M1, even saw a couple making a right turn from the left lane
    Has every driver gone mad? or is it always this way?
    I always told my wife the reason why most motorcyclists sped off at lights was probably for their own safety >> to separate themselves from these phuck-knuckles. Now I know "probable' my ASS.. It's ESSENTIAL.

    Another reason why the powers to be should make it easier ( and legal ) for us to filter/split move over the line at lights. These drivers are LETHAL!

    /end rant
  2. I found that the more worked up about the idiots on the road I got, the worse a driver I became.

    I think a lot of the problem is this feedback loop going on. You have 10 calm drivers, one guy cuts a bunch of them off, does something stupid, 50% of those 10 calm drivers start getting worked up and doing similar things.

    There isn't any real easy solution to this, unfortunately. About the best we could do is have regular retraining sessions for drivers (and riders) where not only skills are assessed, but also attitude.

    I don't think the quality of drivers has slid all that much, but we have had a 50% increase in the number of registered vehicles in the past 10 years coupled with more technology in the cabin to distract - all of this I think contributes to a rising rate of idiocy.

    Stay calm and in control, and don't let the bastards get to you.
  3. Dude! This is why I think cars should be outlawed. They are noisy, they pollute, they are driven by maniacs. They are death machines, hundreds of people are killed by them each year.

    Bikes are the only logical answer. Welcome to the revolution.
  4. I agree, now that I'm on the bike I really hate having to drive anywhere. It's funny watching in my rearview as all the cages muck about for "pole position", but when I'm behind them and having to watch the moronic acts I just feel sick to my gut.

    I've been riding just over 6 weeks now and my near misses have been relatively insubstantial, thankfully. Things still happen that make me go "Oh sh*t*" when I think back, though :( . Imagine if the police actually worked towards road safety... that would be incredible and I'd be more than happy to actually see cop cars on the road :grin:
  5. Looks like they need to up the Valium dose in the water down there.
  6. It's true. The cars may be safer than they were years ago, but the decision-making and judgement of drivers is worse.

    I believe it's a function of the concept of 'perceived risk tolerance', which states that most people will willingly accept a certain level of risk so long as they believe that it is low enough to let them get away with it most of the time. So if you making something safer, they will decrease their own level of care to the point where they start to feel unsafe again.

    In other words, the more you regulate things, the less responsibility people take for themselves.

    This idea is sometimes used in trying to understand why it is so difficult to get the incidence of road trauma below the current level. It also is sometimes used to discredit advanced driving training (as opposed to 'defensive' driver training).

    As for cars, well I try to avoid using mine as much as I possibly can now.
    An average speed of 4kmh on my commute is beyond ridiculous.
  7. You really must ride fast :shock: :p
  8. Because Sydney has good road users?
  9. :LOL:
  10. Totally agree with you there mate.
    Perhaps if less focus was put on safety features ( ie side air bags etc ), and more time & money spent on REAL driver education, we may see a difference on our roads
  11. The busier the roads are becoming the worse it is getting
  12. I agree with you VCM they are shocking. I am glad that I live out of town and only have to go in by car on the odd occasion.

    All the best with your dad too. I hope he makes a rapid and full recovery.
  13. I reckon the problem is the increased number of vehicles on the roads trying to commute in/out of the capital cities each day.

    What have the Government done to encourage Motorcycle use? Upped the rego prices and driven a lot of people from being able to afford the rego/insurance combo for a second vehicle. Over $1000 dollars for most families is a luxury many cannot afford.

    What else have they done? totally rooted the public transport system, with highter ticket prices and a service level that would drive any "normal" company out of business... One cannot rely on it to arrive on time.

    Ive heard that motorcycle rego in Queensland is between $200 and $300. Is this correct? Us Victorians are slugged around $600. Its a bloody joke.

    If the Victorian government were not a bunch of poo pushers, they would subsidise motorcycle registration as a viable alternative for commuting...

    Just to satisfy my curiosity, would we be able to get some rego costs for different states? Maybe if Victorians are slugged more than other states, we could lobby for cheaper rego while the state government tries to sell this, "no overtaking on single lines because the other states dont, rule".
  14. Re: Cagers ... the problem is much worse than I ever thought

    err..... isnt that nomal in Victoria :?: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  15. Make sure that the comparison includes what you get for your money though = do the other states include compulsory third party injury insurance, for example.
  16. bloody idiots....

    its always been hard to stay alive out there!
    in my opinion is they were always bad drivers with little or no awareness of whats going on around them, the move now signal later (if ever) brigade, mirror whats that? ! particularly on sydneys roads.

    now to make a bad situation worse they have given the f'wits mobile phones !! i am sure we all see everyday some cager trying to negotiate a roundabout or traffic junction, driving one handed, with more concentration on their bloody conversation (probably something real important like 'a new dress or where they're meeting for lunch). and what do you get as they almost spear you with that monster 4WD :eek: if you're lucky a pathetic shrug 'i didnt see you' or more than likely carry on totally unaware that they almost put someone in hospital......

    all car drivers should be inforced to spend a minimum 50 hrs riding a bike/ pushbike on the city streets, it may even open their eyes (or is that too much to expect :?:
  17. Wakehurst parkway this afternoon. Van coming in the opposite direction. calculator on top on the steering wheel in his hands, with a pen. WTF?
  18. Talent.
  19. In melbourne...

    I swear in the last 2 Years drivers have gotten 10 times worse on our roads.

    Now, 2 years ago i was only 20 and yes, a young naive p plater and whilst there may be this massive 'hoon' culture, and i will admit in my younger years of some un-intentional wheel slips every now and then, and yes i even lost my licence for speeding... All in deserted areas at times that would make owl's ask the question...
    'What the hell are you doing awake?'

    Now, lets be clear, im not justifying my actions, some were very stupid, and i have learnt a hell of a lot since then (and being on a bike now) however, i would still know how to merge, and not to stop in the merge lane and hold traffic up for 15000 kms, i also knew that it is DEADLY to stop at the end of a 100kmh merge on to a freeway...

    I would also *within reason - and traffic* wait the extra 10 seconds and wave cars through infront of me out of side streets or stop behind parked cars to let people through if there was only space for one car....

    and oh joy, Melbourne to take the Gold...
    Cagers doing 40kmh in the right hand lane in a 80-100 zone because they want to turn right 300,000km down the road
    (generally to get their pension cheque)

    All basic courteousy has gone completely out the window, along with a sense of general road rules.

    Not to mention, I wasnt actually aware until recently that indicating to turn a corner is no longer written in the road rules for Melbourne :shock:

    Ah... but thank god we have those ' safety ' cameras which make ALL the difference...

    Ahhh yes, the ones that earn up to 2million a year per camera...
    the ones that will take a smooth flowing 100kmh 3 lane highway / freeway and transfer it in to 60kmh bedlem with people braking suddenly and watching for the 'flash' of the camera rather than the car infront. The ones that make drivers change lanes as much as a rabbit being chased by a 100 pound German Shephard.

    Obviously, we can not forget to mention the added safety of mobile cameras hidden behind bushes... nabbing people for 3kmh over the limit...

    However, i dont doubt the Government when they shove statistics down our throat that mobile speed cameras in 85.67936736% of cases can cure erictile disfunction along with slowing traffic and making drivers more 'aware' and 'safe'.

    All though 90% of these drivers have no idea untill the 200 dollar fine and 1 point infringement comes in the mail....

    What we need to remember is,

    bad and fast drivers = big dollars for our government.

    safe drivers with proper training and knowledge including higher speed limits so we are not starring in our own 'lemmings' or 'sims' driving game... 'mindless drone driving' = costing our government big dollars.

    Guess which ones here to stay Guys & Girls...


    If you have no spatial recognition, you should not be driving. I dont care if youve had your licence for 60 years or 3 months.. If you struggle to navigate your 1983 cressida between the curb and the next damn continent, take the damn bus....

    Rant Over.

    Be safe out there.
  20. I generally never ride during busy periods (always have things on that make it earlier or later than peak). Riding home tonight along the Monash just after 7 PM... Wow. Just wow. I don't know why they bothered widening it to 4 lanes, ~75% of the cars sat in the far left making it hard for everyone else to merge (and when approaching a merging lane, they either change to the 2nd lane erratically then back 200 metres down the road, or sat in the same lane hitting the brakes every few seconds).

    Seriously, watching the wave of brake lights while three lanes sit practically unused (I seriously just sat in the far right hand lane and sat on just over 100 the whole trip home, probably had to pass maybe 2 cars).

    Once I got onto the South Gippy to finish my trip though... that's when the crazies really came out to play. I'll admit it - I usually give it a bit of stick once I get off the Monash :wink: . Or at least, I used to think I did - until I had about 5 cars absolutely hound past me doing at least 140 KM/h... it's not so much the speeding that gets me, it's the last-minute lane changes and coming as close as possible that really made it frustrating, then watching them duck and weave through cars without indicating.

    That and the 4WD drivers who are crazy enough to try and play cat and mouse games with me because I'm splitting and getting ahead of them...

    I think my favourite thing to see happening ahead though is a car in the far left and a car in the far right sitting neck and neck... then both deciding they want to be in the middle lane, don't bother indicating (or they do, but don't bother headchecking), then get about halfway into the lane before noticing there's another car there and having to get themselves out of it. Quite a good chuckle but scary to think 100% of the people involved in the situation are absolute morons (if 1 had head checked, the situation wouldn't even exist :roll: )

    ... Rant over. :twisted: