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cagers rolling slowly forward whilst turning right..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kara, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. hello all,
    i've been riding for over eight months now and cannot get used to cagers rolling forward as they are turning right (in front of you) when you are travelling staight.

    ok, i might be paranoid but when they roll forward that indicates to me that either 1. they are impatient or 2. they haven't seen you,

    my course of action has been to slow down and cover the brakes, but this gives them more time and they continue rolling. on saturday, on the south gippsland highway, a van driver rolled forward so much that i had to countersteer into the left carriage way as a car was turning into the highway...a very dangerous situation,

    did i cause it because i slowed down due to the prick rolling forward as i was heading straight or am i been too cautious on the road?

    any advice would be appreciated
  2. You are doing the right thing, not much more you can do.

    - Slow down
    - Cover brakes
    - Buffer
  3. Most of the time they are just impatient, judge it properly and you'll find that it's far easier and less stressful to roll it on and get out of their way ;)
  4. press the high beam few times, and accelerate. usually they will give way :grin:
  5. I'm against the use of flashing hi-beams because the message could be mistaken for you giving way to them.

    Seen it happen a few times.
  6. I totally agree with that
  7. i flash my high beams coming to blind intersections (while slowing down if i have right of way). It just makes you that little bit more visible to any drivers coming down a side street!
  8. When I'm in my CAR and my light is RED, I'll have my foot on the brake, but as soon as the other side's lights go Red, I will start to take off, by the time I've started to take off, my lights already gone Green.
  9. Thumb on the horn as you go past the phuckers.
  10. "Usually" being the operative word. Nah I don´t like it.

    Be double cautious, and if you need to stop do it. Keep an eye in the cars behind you tho.

    One of those drivers changing lanes due to impatience was the one that hit me in december.

  11. now that i totally agree with
  12. Slow down and prepare to stop is almost the right thing. Change the "stop" to "react" and you're in business. If there's not enough space to stop, a counter swerve will serve you better (and reduce the chance of being rear ended by another car). Whether you go round the front or rear of the car in a counterswerve will depend on how far they move and if they see you and stop during their turn. If they don't stop, go behind the car cause that gap will get bigger rather than smaller. :)

    For the most part they just edge forward cause they're impatient. They've usually seen you but don't trust the buggers and be prepared to take action anyway. With luck, you'll never have to. :)
  13. The above will be likely to shorten your life expectancy somewhat.
    Flashing high beam is usually seen as a sign of yielding way to the other vehicle.

    DO NOT DO IT!!!!
  14. Tweet is correct. The right way to go about making sure they dont merge is to aim a pistol at them as you approach. Any will do, the bigger the better.

  15. I make sure I am riding in the right wheel rut so they don't pull out (if they're seen you) far then I slow and buffer, moving to my left, as i get closer.

    I find that if i'm in the left wheel rut they use that space to come out further!

    if your in the right and they come out (possibly didn't see you, or saw you too late) then stop and glare at them or shake head or a WTF type hand gesture. Its a fairly non threatening way of letting them know they are a fcukhead.
  16. +1. Seen cars do it plenty to each other to say "you first". So how about if we put our high beam on and leave it on until we're through?
  17. i like this but, was told when learning, to stay in a position in which other drivers could see me more clearly,

    a car turning right would probably see you more in the left wheel track rather than the right...

    im not sure about this though
  18. This is maybe the biggest thing i hate about riding!

    I'm yet to work out what works best but i try and move left and away from them, slow right down and then go past glaring at them.
    Most of the morons have no idea what they are doing wrong to start with.

  19. Well, I nearly died when a vehicle did his RH turn across my path - Did'nt see me!!...
    So don't asssume that they do!..They could in fact be "seeing" the car behind you, or looking further up the road and you won't even register on their mind...where you are, their brain says "Gap in traffic".

    Rather than flash your High Beam, just flip it "on" and leave it on till you are clear. Other avoidance measures may also be req'd, but this is better than flashing, as others have said.

    I watch 'em like a hawk, fully prepared for them to turn in front of me, but I don't slow down too much - just throttle off so I can stop quicker, or swerve evasively, if I have to.
  20. After picking up one of these car drivers 'see' me more often.