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Cagers making way?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Karaman, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone, first post for me :)

    I've been riding for about 3 months now and I've noticed a couple of times on highways or long stretches of road with a single carriage some cars tend to drift into the shoulder (about half of the car over the line) whenever i am behind them, usually a van/heavy/slower car.

    Are they letting me go past or are they just bad drivers? :p

    I haven't actually rode past them yet since i haven't been sure, and because of that after a while they drift back into the lane, so thats why im confused.

    Cheers in advance, Simon.
  2. sounds like they're bad drivers, or under the influence of something sus. :biker:
  3. hey welcome karaman..

    my guess is you have caught up to them and sitting at a distance that to them appears close. and yes they are probably moving over to let you thru, thinking they are being nice. problem is they are throwing up all sorts of shit all over you.

    my suggestion is not to be tempted unless you can see well past them, and if you do go past do not use their lane in case they change their mind or something is in the emergency lane ahead that they need to avoid. give em a thankyou wave as they were considerate enough to notice you too.

    if you dont want to pass let them know by shaking your head or hand suggesting them to move back into the lane.

    have fun and safe riding.
  4. my guess is they are distracted by you :grin:
  5. Too true twoguns, i do catch up to cars quite regularly :p

    Thanks for the advice though, you've cleared things up for me.
  6. yeah i get it all the time, so i know. but you do get the odd fool who is not sure what to do and moves about everywhere while looking at you in the mirror rather than jsut concentrating on whats ahead.
    better still when they hear me coming and move even before i have a rrived. gives the chance to see clearly up the road ahead and round them up without rolling off hte throttle.

    happy riding mate. jsut always be alert.
  7. Good point about not passing in the same lane. I get this a bit and find myself tempted to pass even when there's on-coming traffic but I know better than that. Cheers for some valuable advice. Either wave them back in or pass as normal. Don't be tempted to share the lane.
  8. or get more distance from them
  9. the reason they would move back in is that they realise your not willing to go around them at that stage, if one day you do take the opportunity to pass, like someone else said the thank you wave, but also indict back into your lane then indicate right and left, which is the unoffical traffic signal for thank you
  10. Assuming they're bad drivers will keep you alive longer, so change lanes to go past. You only have to mistake fatique for courtesy once for it all to end in tears. :)
  11. never heard of that unofficial thank you, dont think ive seen it used either :shock:
  12. that unofficial thankyou is more a truck thing. some drivers/riders have picked it up, but you will find many do not pay enough attention to even notice.

    a lot quicker and easier to jsut raise your left hand a fraction to let em feel good about you.

    wait till you actually notice cages that make room for you to more safely lane split. thats when you know you have achieved status!! :LOL: or they are real worried about you scratching their car (or they have had it before). either way its a bonus.
  13. I dont own a road bike, only a dirt bike.

    Dont have my license yet but am thinking of getting it soon to get on the road.

    But when i drive and am stopped i always move over so bikes can lane split easier.

    I also tend to drift over to left the a bit when i see bikers behind me so they can pass. Often they dont pass though.

    So if you ever see a white nissan pulsar in sydney with grey rims and i move over for you - Pass me, im letting you through, i know your faster, im your friend guys!
  14. I always move over when a bike is near, not enough to get onto the shoulder to throw up dirt etc at them, as that will just get thrown up onto my car as well.

    Do the same when bikes try to split as well.

    Just being polite :D

  15. Depends on how definite a move it is. Don't go immediately as you need to make sure they're not just swaying from side to side. If they're steady, get closer so you're clear in their mirror so you can see their eyes, indicate then overtake using the other lane. Often I won't use much of the other lane, but it's there if I need it. Be ready for them to sway back - just incase you misunderstood. Then, yes - wave thank you

    I get it reasonably often. Same with the Moses Effect when splitting traffic (when the cars either side move to give room). It doesn't happen all the time, but despite the complaints there are still plenty of considerate and aware (or scared) drivers out there. Not enough, obviously, but they exist!
  16. I think that they are distracted by the mighteness of your Hysoung. :LOL:
  17. haha, aye go the hyosung in all its korean glory!
  18. I concur, it must be the Hyosung, Ive only been riding for 3 weeks and it has happened a few times already.

    I wonder if it happens to Hyundai drivers... :wink:
  19. haha... hope you all have your KBC branded helmets... korean bike club :LOL:
  20. nah shoei all the way! i just have one of those heads :p

    I did have a Shark though, but after about 30 minutes of riding it would leave a red mark on my forehead :(