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Cagers get my ninja a little sideways!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Gods Country, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. While riding this arvo just after work this cager pulls into a driveway from the center lane of traffic, [-X cuts the chick cager next to me off (who hits the anchors and swerves into my lane).both of us doing between 50-60ks :facepalm:

    In a flash I'm on the brakes fishtailing up beside her passenger windows heading for the gutter thinking [-o< "Oh Fu#% I'm going down here for sure"
    Miraculously managed to keep the bike rubber side down and by the time I had pulled it to a stop I was about 3cm from the gutter. \:D/

    A little fazed I take off when clear shaking my head what a close one, the chick cager pulled up next to me to ask if I was ok, I thought that was nice, she seemed a bit overwhelmed by it all as well.

    I'd like to know who the idiot was that decided to hook into a driveway without looking while in 3 lanes of traffic... Some people...
  2. WAS SHE HOT???
  3. fixed for you Ktulu.. :D

    Good work on the escape. Rubber Side down is always good.. :D ... I had something similar the other day, but at an intersection.. my own impatience nearly got the better of me... I learnt from that.. :D
  4. Not bad actually, P plater

    I'm surprised how sideways I actually got and still came out ok,
  5. Ktulu style ":worthlesspics: "
  6. Might want to practice the emergency braking - getting sideways means too much rear, not enough front.

    But having said that, nice work staying on!
  7. its all good,ninja's can do sideways.
  8. Got it sideways because, I had to dodge the car coming at me while e-braking
  9. Any day where you have an incident like that and can get on here and type out a post about it is a good day. Even better if there was no damage...
  10. So, keeping the biceps clenched, and the gut sucked in, you said "Yes", letting the quiver steal into your voice and smiling bravely while the tear welled out of the bottom of your eye and left a glistening pathway down your cheek.

    After she gasped, stopped the car and got out, and held you to her, stroking your back, you let a sob escape -- dignified, restrained, but evidence of a deeper feeling.

    The fine tremor in your hand almost ceased when she held your fingers, stroking the backs of your knuckles soothingly.

    "Are you OK?" she asked.

    "Of course", you said. "It's just that ..."


    "Oh, nothing", you said, looking downcast, but turning your face to catch the warm, dying rays of the sun. "My best friend ... before he died .. he said ..." You choked, unable to go on. You looked at her, letting the limpid light catch the moisture in your eyelashes.

    "You stopping meant so much to me", you said. "I'd ... I'd like to thank you. Would you let me ... perhaps ... buy you a meal? Dinner? If you say no, of course I'll understand." You let your eyes fall, catching the lingering light reflected from your polished exhaust.

    "You poor man", she said. "Of course I'll go out with you. Just tell me where and when."

    What!! This didn't happen???

    God, young people today ....... :roll:

    In my day ... :bannanabutt:
  11. someone feeling a bit lonely?
  12. I almost got ran off the road twice today, both old farts.. your lucky you got a chick.
  13. Well you know where he lives :p

    +1 :LOL:

    I had some sad 50 or so year old with wife and kids in the car come onto the right-hand side of the road and sit in front of me to block me just because I went into a no entry street although i think its 2 way. He just sat there with a smirk on his face. Thats a new one. Some people need to get a life
  14. Quite simple really, carry a can of spray paint in your tank bag, and scrawl a word rhyming with "PUNT" across his windscreen. That oughtta wipe that smirk off his face.
  15. If the wheels aren't in line you're doing it wrong and it's a f*ckup. You'd do best to do a rethink your ebraking and perhaps take a bit of advice.
  16. +1 Bravus and Devotard.

    GC, glad you avoided a collision. What can you do to avoid a similar incident occuring again?
  17. :LOL: :LOL: Haha that was a good read! Very artistic, almost beautiful... :oops:
  18. Damn!.........I read that and went straight out lookin' for a sideswipe opportunity just so I could meet the babe :grin: ................
    or at the very least, a 'Yummy Mummy' :twisted:

    Didna 'appen :(
  19. Don't fckup a good story, he was trying to impress the chick with his new found skills. U should take him under ur wing and teach him the way of the Motard. :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  20. giving his particular situation at the time, the only thing you could do is never to ride again

    car turned left from right lane?

    unless they didn't indicate, or the op didn't try and make eye contact and missed the fact the driver glanced into the mirror, not saying he did, but really there isn't alot you can do in that circumstance