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Cagers filtering, or am I a hypocrite?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wokwon, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Disclosure: I am a recreational rider, I don't really commute on the bike. Yes I'm one of those pansy cagers who only rides after work or on weekends. The reason is that I can't carry all my gear on the bike that I need for work. I know an asian could carry all my shit on a 100cc scooter based on direct observation in Ho Chi Minh city, but I'm an unco so I don't.

    I work at client sites so my route to work changes a lot but if it's anywhere south or east then the first part of my commute is the same.

    There is a spaghetti junction on this route. For those googlers, the link is here. It's a fun intersection, with 5 roads and a train line on an arterial road but it works pretty well.

    I head through it southbound at around 615 each morning, depending on where I'm working. Now take a look at this image (JPG, 190ki8)
    The blue line marks my route through the intersection in my car, top to bottom (north to south)

    Now what often happens is that a car will try to follow the red line. While lined up at the top traffic lights (topmost short red line) you could argue that the driver does not know that their lane is about to become right-turn-only at the next set of lights but I see the same cars do this on different days so unless they have the memory of a goldfish they know what they're doing.

    The red-line-cars usually pull up in the right-most-lane and at the green light try to outpace the blue-line-cars off the lights and then pull in front of them. I'm of British heritage so I'm a natural queuer, it's in my genetic makeup and hate people cutting in line, so I'd usually also go flat out off the lights and make sure they can't pull in front of me. This doesn't always work as my car has a diesel engine and is not exactly sporty.

    Since I started riding a year or so ago, it struck me that all these cars are doing is the same as bikes filtering to the front. I support the campaign for bikes filtering and so realised that I am being hypocritical in trying to stop these cars from getting in front. As long as they pull off the line quickly and safely merge (despite merging across a solid white line) there should be no problem.

    Discuss, using innuendo, profanity and personal insults where appropriate. Bonus points for personally insulting innuendo.

  2. red driver's in the wrong, it's their own fault if the hit a land mine. As for the junction ... what the actual fffffff! Just how much LSD did the designer drop before vomiting that onto the sketch pad? :eek:
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  3. Thats not filtering its queue jumping, shits me off.
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  4. Good on him.

    It only annoys me when cars try to filter where there is no room. Well, actually, it annoys my wife when, on the odd occasion, I'm driving and try and put the car in the same space I'd put the bike in.
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  5. FWIW: I'd probably do what the red driver did if I was in a car (although I notice that there's solid lines between the lanes so it's somewhat illegal). Seems like a more efficient use of the roadway: the people in the blue lane queue for less time. Even if you drag off the red driver, he can probably slot in behind you and in front of the next car without slowing anybody down.

    It's like those roads where there's one lane each way, becoming two shortly before every traffic light, then merging immediately afterwards. I always try to balance the two lanes, but I've noticed that a lot of drivers just stick to going straight ahead when the lanes fork - often I'm the only vehicle in one lane when there are half a dozen in the other, and I can just feel the dirty looks when I roll up into the empty lane and drag everyone off when the lights change.

    Oh, and I'm also a late merger. You can all start hating me now.
  6. Consider it done :)
  7. Idunno, late merging is fine if the drivers in the next lane maintain their 2 second gap. That's plenty of room to slot into. It's when they tailgate that the whole merging system breaks down.
  8. Meh, if it's just about getting across the first set of lights I wouldn't be too fussed about it as long as they are polite and wait to be let in. You can get trapped into turning right into Edwardes St by accident/unfamiliarity.
    (And then you're lost in Reservoir and Dog help you :LOL: )
  9. Pretty usual to see. Cutting queues when ever possible is the norm if you have the anonymity of being in a car. Do the same move in a bank queue and you'd get yelled at. It's kind of like 4chan, anonymity brings out the jerks in people. As someone who spends 95% of my road time on a bike I don't really give a shit.
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  10. Mcsenna is right, lane splitting on a bike is completely different. We are not queue jumping because we are occuping a space that car's cannot (in between the lanes).
  11. "Discuss, using innuendo, profanity and personal insults where appropriate. Bonus points for personally insulting innuendo."

    Are there bonus points for insulting you Wokwon? LOL

    M8, if its the same cars doing it they are inconsiderate, selfish pricks! Different if you're an outta towner and get caught out.

    It is Not filtering if you're in a car, it's illegal lane changing.

    As far as merging goes generally, as long as a car, bike, truck, whatever, does not force me to change direction or speed, then I don't give a damn what they do.
    It was pointed out to me when getting my licence that the definition of courteous driving is NOT causing another road user to change direction or speed. If someone lane jumps but speeds away, good on them. I won't race them because there's no point letting them get under your skin, and there not going to cause any grief by what they've done.

    Old school thinking, I know, but it should be drummed into everybody getting a licence.
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  12. i think its ok to do that and your being an ass
    i they get in front of you how does it affect you ffs.
  13. If they merge cleanly I don't care if they jump the queue. Though if they drive anything like in Sydney, the cagers who didn't jump the queue close ranks to block the queue-jumpers from pushing in and both lanes 2 and 3 become a bottleneck.
  14. Just like the internet forums... :LOL:

    But yeah, in my car I will do that. No worries.
  15. Pretty normal driving in the city, but its not the code of the road once you get out of town.
  16. You laugh, but smileedude is spot on.
    People tend not to cut in to standing queues (like a shop checkout line) because they can be faced.

    In a car you have a force field around you and getting past other cars is part of the game; they are just NPC's. At the shops, you are dealing with actual humans.
  17. Not a hypocrite.

    There is a difference. Here it is.

    If I filter on my bike thru cars to the front of the line. when the light goes green. I'm off and never to be seen again. So really its made no difference to the cars.

    Do the same in a car, and you are holding up other people for you to get ahead.
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  18. The best comparison I've heard about filtering is it is like internet banking. You beat everyone in the queue, but if they get upset about it they are retarded as you are in your own queue and don't slow them down. You speed them up because you are not in the queue. Doing it in a car is like cutting in at the bank.
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  19. Isn't it 3 second?
  20. It's a better idea to with with reality than what is legal. In any hour of reasonable traffic, 2 is the best you are going to get.

    You mean the same single line rule that every rider from wadonga to Wilson prom cried foul over just recently? My how we turn about face when it suits.