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Cagers attitude Vs. Bike brands

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by kiss_the_future, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Does anyone feel that cage drivers have a different attidude when it comes to riders on european bikes?

    I've noticed that whenever a Ducati or an Aprilia rider is near a cage, they always seem to politely make room.

  2. Most car drivers wouldnt know shit from a chocolate pudding, let alone an Aprilia Falco from a Honda VTR Firestorm.
  3. I do get some feedback from other motorists. But mostly it's stuff like: "mate I think one of your headlights are out", "what's that noise from your motor? !!" [dry clutch] :roll:
  4. Bwaahaa classic....I've done that :oops: :LOL:
  5. Most cagers dont give a shit!!! They wouldnt hardly notice you till the moment u pass by them. And there goes the thought in their mind "Shit tht was close" or "Where the F@#% did he come frm"
  6. Cos my bike has the Ninja stickers on it, people say *ohh it's a Ninja* and I'm like yeah? And then they usually say my friend had a ninja too, like yours.. and I'm like really? Oh but theirs was a 250..
    So I'm thinking you're telling me that my 636 is the same as a 250? I'm impressed !!
    And then you get the people who look at my black zx6 next to Stu's black ZX12 and say how cute, they've got the same bike...
  7. Well I can barely tell the difference between all those tiny little hatchbacks (aka chick-cars, like the holden nova my missus drives) why should we expect the cagers to be able to tell the difference between a susuki and a kawaka? Just be thankfull they noticed you at all ;)
  8. jeez, I ride and sometimes I find it hard to tell the difference between one japanese "transformer toy lookalike" sports bike and the next.

    I think the avg tintop (note oz description :wink:) steerer will know a cruiser style from the rest and that's it.

    IMHO it's the "presence" on the road, not the bike. eg a big ugly bloke on a noisy bike, giving everyone their bestest "evil eye" might get more "respect" than a demurely ridden 250.

    Bigger bikes tend to do get the same result.

    Me, I'm a big ugly bloke on a noisy small bike, and when I try to give my bestest evil stare I usually end up laughing instead! now that gets their attention!

  9. The main cager attitude I come across are young guys in their hotted up whatevers who sit at lights waiting to take me off the line (as if :roll: ) and then realise I'm a girl....and THEN realise I'm on a Duke. Can be quite amusing!

    I have a lot of people who know I'm riding a Duke by the sound, but don't know what it is as there are not a huge number of SS around. A friend of mine was driving down the freeway one day and said that she knew a Duke as coming cos she could hear it.....I didn't realise she was that clued in!

    :D :D :D
  10. Most cage drivers think that a harley is a good bike!
  11. doesn't matter what brand you ride, stick an L plate on it, and people won't be able to try and overtake you quick enough.
  12. That's because they fear it may damage their duco when it implodes.
  13. I definitely got a lot more notice on the road for the short time I had the Sportster. I used to get even more notice on the ex-cop K series though - especially with a white helmet. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    The best one though was the story I've bored numerous people with over the years. Years ago when Ron Angel was the BMW dealer in Richmond and the cops used CB750 Hondas, they had a few BMW R75s they used for escort work.

    Instead of auctioning them they used to trade in the BMWs when they reached a specified mileage. I was looking to buy one on my brother-in-law's behalf (he's from SA) and Ron Angel notified me when one was coming in.

    I got there just as the cop arrived to drop off his old bike and pick up the new one. After chatting to him he suggested I take it for a test ride and follow him. Riding a police BMW with full police gear - lights, sirens, etc. out along the Boulevarde behind a cop on a new bike was an opportunity too good to miss.

    After a very quick ride out (speed limits? What speed limits???) I got to ride back on my own after promising to behave go straight back - I found it's impossible to resist hitting the flashing lights & the siren when a taxi pulls out and cuts you off. I suspect the taxi driver never managed to get his seat clean again. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Apart from cabs, EVERYONE gets out of your way... 8)


    PSI bought the bike for my brother-in-law - it was the best investment he ever made. It was toured, commuted on & production raced extensively. My nephew in Brisbane has it now - it's having its first ever rebuild done.
  14. I have to admit I get quite a few admiring stares from drives. but being big, loud, yellow and flashy will do that. As far as space is concerned. I always leave plenty, let driver into the space in front of me, indicate well before changing lanes and make sure that I'm not sitting in peoples blind spots.

    I rarely have issues and I do 70+kms a day on freeways and roads going to work and back. Even on my old Black VFR750 and for the past 3 weeks on the scooter I ride the same way and as a rule don't have any problems. I was expecting to have some issues with riding a scooter that can only do 90 on the freeways, but not a one in 3 weeks.

    My philosophy is that I an entitled to the piece of road I am on and I act accordingly. This is what my dad taught me when I got my license 25 years ago and it seems to serve me well. I think that when people drive they project through their driving their attitude. We all have noticed cars behaving erratically and avoided them. So if you are intimidated, other drivers will sense it from how you ride, if you stamp your authority on the road, then they will give you more respect. You don't have to be agressive or an idiot, just realise you ave the right to be there and act accordingly.
  15. And then what do they do when they see the bike Derek? :LOL: :p :LOL:
  16. lil, I gotta say that chicks who ride Ducatis are so hot. 8)
  17. Yes, but what's the bike like? :LOL: :LOL:
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  19. Marx: I hear ya. I was doing a delivery down in Prahran a while back. I whizzed past a parked red Duc thinking "What a nice bike".

    Coming back from the delivery, I see a really good looking girl in full red racing gear hop on to it and ride away.

    I couldn't stop ogling.
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