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"cagers" americanisms

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jafu, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. I must admit I have a gripe, I'm tired of "amercanisms".
    It appears to me the population of this country are now relliant on the US for its language.
    "Cagers" is a term I heard and read back in the '70's in US bike mags and books, to my knowledge at the time it wasn't used here in OZ, but now it appears to be the norm.
    I thought we at this Forum with a few exceptions were Australians. Is there no Aussie term coined for the drivers of cars etc?

    Although its true some drivers belong in a cage, a stationary one.
  2. Plenty but they get bleeped out when you post them :LOL: :wink:
  3. Maybe tin top?

    :D :D :D
  4. Well jafu,i had never heard a yank say cager before,but my step brother and myself have always referred to car drivers as Steel Cage Drivers. Its just something one of us came out with one day and it stuck with us ever since.Im not in any way or form claiming we invented the word,just that i hadnt heard it before then. :D 8) But i agree with you on the Americanisms,we do have an influx of non Aussie words/sayings. :( Just start calling people names like: Cobber,Bloke,Knackers and so forth,spread the old Aussie names! :D :LOL:
  5. As a canadian I grew up never having heard the word cage / cager used in the context of a driver. It was not until I came here and became interested in bikes that I discovered that term. I am also on a predominantly US forum (related to my bike) and I have not seen the term 'cager' in use there. Although that forums is primarly technical in nature, so perhaps it just never came up?
  6. Yanks have started using the phrase "No worries" so the spread of Australianisms is underway 8) . Plus we gave them Hoags so, that almost makes us even :LOL: .
  7. I love the term 'scruds' meaning your at home, dont care scruffy clothes. You know, your trackies and moccasins. Got it off a Tasmanian a few years back but never heard anyone else say it...
  8. I hate when people here say American things to eachother like (these are some recent cases I have had said to me)...
    - Brother
    - Dude
    - Chill
    - Wassup
    - Whatever

    I agree with Gixxersrule, bring back Aussie terms. I call almost everyone Mate, refer to a male as a bloke and have several words for a female ;) and I often say G'day - not many people say that anymore.

    Lets talk Aussie I say! A new Netrider movement to reform the Australian Language. :D
  9. Ahhh sod off ya bunch of wankers.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Hows that????
  10. Well i have to admit B4 joining netrider me and the guys i used to ride with ( and still do occasionally ) always refered the cars as

    TIN TOPS :p

    but as thay say when in Rome !!
    I still call em tin tops when away from netrider anyway
    :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Root a boot , youse are a bunch of gallahs!
  12. Root a boot , youse are a bunch of gallahs! :D
  13. Yah flamming drongo , yah posted that twice mate ,
    stone the bloody crows.......

    :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Ah bugger it! I'm such a dill sometimes... :oops:

    Goodonya Bob! :)
  15. Always called them "Easy Offs", hence the reason so many 'scrags' wear them. :p
  16. John Cleese also said in an interview on American TV.........

    The difference between the English and the Americans are:

    a. When we have a "World Championship" we actually invite other countries

    b. We speak english not american

    c. We we meet Heads of State we get down on one knee rather than 2

    On a side note, I played Gridiron for 10 years and we always called it football.

    Reason being is that it was easier than saying "American Football", or when you told people about Gridiron they generally say "huh?"
  17. Ah, the devolution of the Cockney "dialect....."
  18. Ohh fare suck of the sav cobber, if we dont start reusing our own aussie take on the queans anglish, these new grubs wont know the difference between smelling like a dead dingos arse, or comming up roses for that night out with yah missus ( shiela ) for a counterie down the local watering hole !!

  19. LMAO!! This thread is a bloody pisser! :LOL: :LOL: Good onya Blokes! 8) :p