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Cager using Video

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by a-man, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Just got back from a ride on the Old Road (NSW) and noticed there was a car coming the opposite way and one of the passengers was using a video camera and had obviously been filming some bikes that had just overtaken it.

    If they have footage of the bikes breaking the law (Eg: overtaking on unbroken lines) could the bikes get booked if it was sent to the cops?

  2. would be difficult to prove the speed being done - even if they film their own speedo -- I would dispute any accuracy or authenticity of the speedo reading in a private car
  3. Yes it has been done before. in this case the reverse happened, a group of riders were overtaken by a car and the manoeuvre was dangerous, the car driver was booked after the helmet cam of one of the riders picked it up.
  4. meh my mistaken - i was thinking speeding not unbroken lines as you asked

    for the unbroken lines yep its evidence as smee said
  5. Big brother is watching!
  6. Thanks for that.

    Hopefully they were just tourists taking in the picturesque old road!
  7. Hardly evidence that would stand up, first off they have to prove without doubt it was you commiting the offence regardless of the number plate.

  8. oh, yes. the "enfield excuse".


    good luck with that. i'm assuming that they will just send the ticket to the plate holder?
  9. or your local neighbourhood tabloid journalist, compiling footage for Today Tonight's MUST SEE EXCLUSIVE. HOON RIDERS, THE KILLER MENACE ON OUR ROADS
  10. Could of been filming friends you didn't see?
  11. numerous kittens died in the making of this video

  12. It’s no longer the cops proving your guilt, but more you having to prove your innocence.
  13. You do know speeding is not why he was convicted right? He was convicted of knowingly making a false statement under oath and for attempting to pervert the course of justice.

    To my knowledge he was never done for the original speeding offence.

    Thats never the case, even with speed camera's.. under the police powers (vehicle) act they can ask you to identify the the driver/rider at the time but they must prove;

    1) The identity of the driver
    2) That they were driving a motor vehicle
    3) That they were driving on a public road or in a public place
    4) That they were committing an offence at the time

    The driver of a vehicle who is requested by a police officer in accordance with sections 14 and 201 to disclose the identity of any driver of, or passenger in or on, the vehicle must (unless the driver has a reasonable excuse for not doing so):
    (a) disclose the identity of the driver or passenger, or
    (b) if the driver does not know the full and correct identity of the driver or passenger—disclose such information about the driver’s or passenger’s identity (such as any alias used by the person or the general location of his or her residential address) as is known to the driver.

    Like most cases the sheep just volunteer the evidence to convict them, a good 80% of cases are proven by an ommision from the accused, if you shut up and make them work for it most times they fall flat.
  14. fully agree
  15. Could have been cops in unmarked cars. The cops do this on Mt Nebo in Qld........to nail mostly bike riders.................
  16. ....and devochka, LOTS of brothers (big or small) are watching your avatar :angel:
  17. I've had numerous randoms attempt to film me over the years, nothings ever come of it. It's usually old geezers with nothing better to do. Its always worth paying attention to what people are doing on the side of the road and in cars.

    Sometimes I stop on the old road and take photos of bikes because I'm interested in photography but I get worried that someone's going to get the wrong idea. Usually I'm wearing bike gear with my bike nearby so atleast I look like an enthusiest not a activist.
  18. yeah, that scares the hell out of me too when i'm out getting pics. I'd feel like shit if someone lost concentration mid-apex and stacked because of me standing on the side of the road with a camera.

    most of my later photos have been taken from above, small cliff faces etc. gotten some good shots of people slowing down on the straight to check out my randomly-parked ghost bike

  19. You're not a bit paranoid, are you?

    What you REALLY mean is that someone filmed YOU and you're worried about it, aren't you?
  20. I would never ride in a manner that would necessitate someone filming me and sending it to the police :angel: