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Cager screws up on a corner

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Deadsy, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. #1 Deadsy, Oct 18, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    It's that corner on "The Snake", Mulholland Highway again. This time the corner works together with a car so that ultimately, bikes still get ****ed up.[-( The corner is clearly anti-motorcycle.

  2. in a monaro of all things - bet his name was gazza and he wears a flanny
  3. What an ignorant comment [-( Did you actually watch the clip properly ](*,)

    It was Gazza and Shazza, you could tell by the Winnie Reds on the Dash :angel:

  4. Nah can't be Shazza - She's 8 and a half months preggers with number 4 and recovering from her 19th birthday party last night and sleeping off the chardy cask she drank under the swingset down at the local park. Might have been Gazza though, I hear he droppped Shazza last night for hitting on Wayne and went home with Shirls to her caravan instead.

    Could be wrong though...

    Fun Ha!
  5. You are correct I was ignorant - I totally missed the winnie reds
  6. Nope not Gazza..it was Dazza and Shazza, aka Darren and Sharron McClaren
  7. my favourite part is when the crocs go flying.
  8. So instead of putting on the brakes after I've clearly lost it, i'm just going keep it going without bothering to counter steer and see what happens. Ooooohhhhhh crap.
  9. i think the dude is on the brakes, but has just frozen (usual stress out manoeuvre) so thats why he isnt doing much with the steering. i cant remember if monaro's had esc or not, they might not have but abs they do.

    should have just kept the boot in and drove out of it, not stress out and go for the brake.
  10. Should have stayed home playing need for speed on the playstation.
  11. Just goes to show.. it does not matter what they call it. Or where they sell it. Or where you drive it. A commydore will always make a bogan out of you.
  12. hhahahhaah BRILLIANT -- ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT -- CLASSIC =D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>=D>
  13. yeh ok I agree. Not sure how abs would cope in a sideways slide though.

    disagree. If he can barely negotiate a corner there would be no way he could gain control of an out of control slide that he was in. When you've completely lost it the best thing to do it hit every brake in reach.
  14. My thoughts precisely....
  15. If there is stability control, theres a high chance the moron behind the wheel felt it was cooler to turn it off.
  16. lucky there was no incoming traffic.
  17. Yes, it's a pretty fortunate result in a number ways. The driver should watch the vid, then watch the other vids from that corner and realise how lucky he is no one was coming the other way and that spot was empty instead of full of people.
  18. I disagree.

    You clutch-in and steer as best you can. Brake when the vehicle is travelling in a straight line.
  19. sorry, that is as a last resort, or for someone that does not know what they're doing. If it comes down to surviving, do whatever possible to stop the car. Yes, there are several better things to do than hitting the brake but if it's completely out of control just try and get it stopped as quickly as possible.