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cager rager - my fault? or they need to get a life?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by WeeBubba, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. did a filtering maneouvre this morning, and it seemed to really piss the lady off in the car. so much so that she tailgated me all the way down the road then beeped me at the next set of lights and gave me the finger.

    i wondered if my filtering maneouvre was a bad one? im on my P's so still learning. or maybe she just havin a bad day or something?

    it was like this. three lanes. with the right hand lane right turn only at a set of lights. the lights were on green and there was 3 cars waiting to turn right. but they were all stationary, and the lead car was well set back from the intersection, it was waiting back at the lights. none of them were gonna be moving anytime soon as the traffic coming the other way was heavy. being how the 2 left hand lanes going straight ahead were empty i went down the middle lane then nipped into the intersection to be first for the right turn.

    none of this caused any hassle and indeed we all waited there for another minute before the right turn filter came on.

    was i in the wrong to filter like that?
  2. You won. She didn't like it.
  3. No, you weren't wrong, but a couple of things... (1) With that case, always look and evaluate before you go to do it, because it gets to be a habit and one day you'll go to do it and there won't be room at the head, or the green arrow will come on as you get close, or something. Maybe you'll go to pull right and get rear-ended by the car behind you because he didn't expect you to stop and go right at the head of the queue rather than the tail. (2) Probably about half the road users would regard that as a blatant case of queue jumping, which is a misdemeaner in some parts and a hangin offence in others. In my humble (nothern) opinion, Melbun leans toward the latter.
  4. WeeBubba,
    I can't say I was there to account more appropriately on what seems to be an everyday usual pissed off driver, not enjoying seeing a motorcyclist being more manoeuvrable than herself, in this case.
    Just be careful mate. Filtering does have its advantages but there are times (angry drivers aside !) where it can be ones doom.
    Her tailgating you all the way to the next set of lights, followed by 'the finger' suggests to me that it was the wrong day of the month for her (and you) ;)
  5. What akaluke said
  6. yup, safely done and what not, it's all good. i did it often and many times at that. every now and then you get a dick behind you who can't deal with not being first, or someone else getting there 5 seconds faster than he.
  7. She probably just thought that you taking advantage of what a bike is about was obnoxious.It may have startled her to see you come up on that side...once the shock subsides then the rage begins to flow. Try and approach slowly from the right.If a cager is ever going to notice you approach (if they ever look this is) it will be from the right...it's too much effort to glance to the left.
  8. I do this all the time, but your condition for being allowed to do this is you do not slow down the car behind you what so ever.

    If there's a small gap in traffic you have to take it, if the driver behind thinks they could have gone through and you didn't go you are going to cop it big time.

    If theres a light and you don't go within a fraction of a second of it going green you will cop it big time.

    If the driver behind you is a revhead and you go at the speed limit your going to cop it big time.

    Basically you wont have any problem filtering with cagers if you don't slow any cage down. As soon as they have to accomodate you then you are laible to get ragers.
  9. Not as such, IMHO. I do similar things myself. However I would say that it does carry some risks, as noted above. IMHO it is certainly more likely to be seen as "queue-jumping" whether anyone is disadvantaged or not.

    But a lot of car drivers simply don't like bikes filtering. It's a jealousy thing. It happens. Don't sweat it.
  10. seeing as filtering is illegal in ACT and NSW - I have only done it once and that was in the far left breakdown lane of two lanes of stationary traffic

    interesting thing is when I got to the front where the breakdown lane ended the lady there in her xr6 ford waved me through in front of her with a smile on her face

    must be a ford driver thing/attitude

    can I get some indication from people if they have an approximate age of these people that get pissed off at you for filtering ?

    I have a unfounded theory its usually middle aged rat race dwellers yearning for freedom that get shitty

    free at last, free at last, thank god almighty free at last
  11. There's 2 possibilities here,

    1] you filter up to the front of the line at lights and take off like a fag and then sit at or slightly below the speed limit to the next lights. In this scenario she had every right to be pissed at you....

    In short piss off and get in line with the rest of the sheeple.

    2] you filter up to the front of the line at the lights, take off at slightly less than warp1, staying just enough ahead of the traffic without murdering the speed limit and have a clear view all around including of the morons trying to turn out of side streets in front of you...enjoy the ride.
    .....repeat as required till you get where you want to go.
  12. Get a cruiser......people are scarederer of you then and don't flip you off......as much. (y)
  13. You are right. Anyone on a cruiser scares the crap out of me, can never be sure if it's a foreign currency trader from Macquarie or the Sgt of arms of the Toecutter OMC.
  14. I'd say the only people on the roads who aren't part of the "rager" class of drivers would be those with under a couple years of driving experience. I wouldn't put an age limit on it. As soon as a driver has just enough experience on the roads to think they are the "shit".. expect to get raged at if you take advantage of them.

    Your theory in all likeliness is probably correct in terms of the representing the highest proportion of "ragers" out there on the roads.
  15. valid point and a good one
  16. I've, erm, heard 2 stories...:

    1. Three gentlemen in their early 20's and wearing King Gee, crammed into a Barina. Wasn't handled very well by the rider and almost degenerated into fisticuffs in the middle of King Georges Road.

    2. A single gentleman in his mid/late 30's, driving a jacked-up 4WD. Tried to split lanes with the rider after being filtered! Couldn't squeeze through the next gap, though...
  17. He he he, touche'
  18. I'd like to add validity to your theory. Just been talking to my boss, who happens to be a senior manager at a company that now numbers over 50,000 staff globally, and as such falls into the category of your average driver, about us as bikers, and he pipes up and says how much he hates it when a biker filters up and pops into a gap in traffic that's just opened up. He said it makes him want to smash into the back of them, and he reckons, "wait your f'in turn!".

    I can't really say anything to that given who he is, but that was ironic considering this thread I've been reading.
  19. Filtering in NSW is not specifically illegal. In fact the 2008 (maybe 2009) rule changes permit passing a stationary vehicle on the left.

    Granted there is no law specifically making it legal either.
  20. LOL - pay that man. Hells Accountants are gunna come around and gang audit you.