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Cager...omg he so cool.Story of bmw i encountered.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by aeroplanejerry, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. This highly tallented individual whos main tallent is probably being a retard, he clearly demonstrated his Retardedness to me and my buddy on M5 tunnel going west bound 12am sunday night before kingsgrove exit. he put my mate's life and my own life in danger in doing this, and i believe has earnt this story here with his own doing.

    Now to wat actually happened

    my mate was passing me in the right lane. I was in left .We were in the middle of our lanes , we were just about side by side when the act of retardedness occured. I heard really loud exhaust coming closer ,which at first i thought was my other buddy with his yoshi piped CBR250rr.Looked in my mirror and saw a car heading up between me and my buddy on the right( who is a learner on his cbr125r) and shot right through the gap right on the centerline. My reaction ofcourse was to move to left when i saw him coming up behind. And my next reaction was go home and phone local Police station with the individuals number plate.

    and i know there might be some talk on here that two bikes shouldnt be positioined like that whilst riding. but buddy was passing me and even if we were some way in the wrong and holding up traffic... i still dont think it gives people the right to do what this person did. A beep first would of been better.

    its sad to see, you would at least think that people could have some respect for other ppls lives of all things. Maybe Karma the big fat angry Elephant may pay this person a visit one day soon.

    anyways i still love to ride,and thankyou for reading my rant/vent.

    Look out for each other and take care of yourselves :)

  2. For the benefit of the incredulous, are you saying that the cager-with-too-much-money effectively filtered between two bikes?!?!?

    If that's the case we can only be thankful that they some how pulled it off thus leaving you and your mate unscathed. Shame they don't try and pull that stunt between two B-doubles though.
  3. What sort of BMW was it?
  4. So you were saying you and your mate on 2 bikes were holding up traffic but left a car sized gap between you and the BMW CAR filtered safely between you?
  5. yeah j3st3r. well put.

    and yeah it was a BMW M3 97 year i think.I just googled it.Looks just like the one i saw

    and yeah smee i noticed your avatar :) which made me think i should rename the thread as i dont want to suggest i hate all BMW owners. Which i dont. I like BMWs. Great Machines. i not a manufacture racist.

    caus yeah it just turned out this retard thought he was a decent driver and decent like his choice of car. but as stated maybe he just more money than what he knew what to do with.

    But nah we werent holing up traffic .I just wanted to state that as a "even if scenario"(were in the wrong) and the decision of driving between us, still I dont believe IMO gives him the right to filter 1300kg between 2 bikes. In a Tunnel. :)

  6. The bikes a BMW, I was taking the piss a bit because we all read about people complaining about bikes lane splitting and the counter argument that done safely it's ok. Shoe is on the other foot here and the CAR lane split which although seems dangerous, he executed a perfect manoeuvre.
  7. Oh I see.

    :LOL: haha

    Yeah i guess thats a very contraversal topic with bikes filtering and lanesplitting.

    Im still a Noob. i dont do it. i just wait happily in traffic or at least try to be happy. :?
  8. Unfortunately you have to pick times to ride. For example friday and saturday nights are the worst....alot of drunk drivers.

    Glad you and your friend are safe.
  9. yeah thanks for postin that linvingstonest.

    Its good to mention that factor.Fri and Saturday nights. .Yea thats definatley getting put into mind from now on .
    Yeah He could of been drunk a. And as alot of us against DUI i hate to admit I have a few friends who have driven home after havn1 or 2 drinks over the limit. and Some of them are still bad drivers when they not drinking. They get that invincible thinking goin on.

    Have you had any bad experiences where you thought they were DUI
  10. Not on the bike because if i am out at those times its strictly short ride from A to B and that's it.

    But i do drive around and know what type of drivers are out on those nights.
  11. I had something similar happen to me in the car the other week, I was slowing to turn off Whitehorse rd(vic) into a KFC carpark, gave plenty of indication as it was fairly busy, there was a car next to me, then just before I start to turn the BMW(maybe the same one?:p) behind me decides to go through the middle of us, luckily the lanes there are pretty wide and he got through, he was under an inch from clipping my mirror though, and the car next to me looked like it almost went into the wall on the other side (raised tram tracks). Scared the hell out of me!

    Glad to hear you and your friend are ok.
  12. yeh these things do happen. My incident occured on victoria road just before devlin street, ryde where the speed camera is. The road is two lanes but on the left is a short bus lane for the buses. Anywho coming home from work friday night there was this old ea falcon bomb flying around changing lanes without signalling. took off at the lights a few lights back and i was slowing down to about 50 on approach to the speed camera. Now I was in the left lane buffering away from a truck in the right hane lane and this falcon flies past through the bus lane and cuts into my lane and nearly take me out before being stuck behind another car. Gave me quite a shock and made me really wish I had a spanner in my backpack. We all have to be careful out there :roll: