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Cager names

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scrambles, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Hello all! This is my first post and not long ago was my first official L plater ride so STAY OFF THE ROAD FOR A WHILE. :grin: Anyway I've long been a fan of these forums and noticed hilarious nicknames for motorists, this lead me to wonder if anyone had heard any other funny pseudonyms for the 'driving dead'?

  2. Yeah... "meat heads" if buy driving dead you mean people who are way too tired or something like that to be driving... Or "d!ckheads" would suffice as well.

    Reminds me of today on my way home actually... Some woman was pulling out of the shops and didnt even look to see if any cars were coming, let alone bikes... Boy did she cop some abuse... I almost put my boot through her window for that sh!t I think she almost started crying while I was abusing her (cause I stopped next to her at the next set of lights). She didnt come within 2 car lengths of me after that. B!tch should'nt even have her licence.
  3. I like to call 'em "box jockeys."
  4. I really just meant the whole lot of 'em. It just seems that they (At times including myself after night shift) just get in the car and go into auto pilot. It kinda freaks me out to be honest...
  5. And riders don't???
  6. Not if they want to grow old and grumpy.......
  7. I'd hate to think so, but obviously it does happen. You just have to be so much more switched on to keep it together on the road on a bike, as oppose to dduuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhohhresmyexit
  8. Wow how quick can one thread get off subject...?
  9. I wouldn't know about that!
  10. Which part? The old or the grumpy? Heh
  11. Oh you have no idea .... Now whats the subject ?
  12. heh heh, my friend incitatus is suggesting that I'm both


    And derailing threads is a noble and well-practiced forum art; use your power for good, not evil, grasshoper :grin:
  13. An American biking expression for cage drivers (cage is also a USA expression) is the Walking Dead.

    1%'s generally use it to denote anyone who is not a hardcore biker.

    The citizens, the Zombies, the normal/average mainstream society individual.

    I normally refer to car drivers as Mofo's, Fukwits, dikheads and moronic sons-of-bitches myself. :LOL:
  14. I usually refer to them as "You stupid F*ckwit!", "A$$hole", "dimwit", "A$$wipe", "moron", "d1ckhead"... I think that's all of them.

    Usually it's proceeded by "Get out of my way, you...", "What the f*ck are you doing...", "Do you know what your indicator is for...", "If you're going, go..."... Again, I think that's all of them.

    Welcome, by the way.
  15. this is hell funny, i've never actually heard of all these terms for drivers before. i've been called a "temporary resident" a few times myself though
  16. Thanks Sonja

    Yeah I have heard them referred to by people (Outside the forums) by things mostly along the lines of 'zombies', 'driving dead', 'sleepers' etc.

    TOTALLY agree with everyone else's more...colourful names though!!! :)
  17. Dude - how many of the hundreds and hundreds of people on this forum drive cars?
  18. dwainz - lots. it doesn't mean we don't respect those people and all, just that those are some of the names we call most drivers.

    If you look in the Off Topic, you'll see I'm about to join the ranks.
  19. There's only the young and grumpy around here... :LOL:
  20. Those phrases sound farmiliar. :LOL:

    I use them if I'm on the bike or in the car.