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Cager merging infront of semi trailer

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by kiet88, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. hi All,

    So i was riding along geelong road towards footscray on my way to uni at 10am. A guy in a Soarer has been weaving in and out of traffic. Approaching a red light, I am a couple of car lengths behind the Soarer (with no cars between us) and a semi trailer loaded with a container on my right. The cager sees that the right hand lane has a few less cars in front so changes lane immediately causing the semi to brake harder.

    I hear screeching tyres, see smoke coming of the types, sid marks and smell rubber. All I'm thinking to myself was "Oh shit, please dont tip over".. Luckily the truck stopped in time. The trucks bumper was right up against the Soarer's rear.

    Next thing I see the Soarer's driver hop out of his car and giving it to the truckie...

    Light turns green, and Soarer speeds off again and continues to weave in and out of traffic...
  2. LOL what a stooge
  3. maybe the truck should have just rammed the idiot. He'd be at fault surely, overtaking to close or whatever it is they use to book you blokes for splitting
  4. At that point, if I had been the truckie, I would have eased off the brake and gently squashed the Soarer.
  5. Some people just don't get how traffic works.
  6. What a boofhead !!

    The space in front off a truck is there for a reason, those things dont stop on a dime especially when laden.

    I almost wish the truckie had of squashed the car.

    you should always respect a trucks braking space

  7. The problem is, most drivers are clueless idiots and will pull in front of a truck leaving them only millimetres of braking distance.
  8. Maybe next time he won't be so lucky ... got to think positively!

    I always respect a truckers space!
  9. I'm sure they can think of better ways to commit suicide.
  10. When I lived in the UK, I saw a small hatch merge in front of a truck on the M25/M1 junction. The truck was doing 50mph, the car not much more, but it crossed in front of the truck, colliding as it did so. I was travelling in the opposite direction and was sprayed with bits of their car as it repeatedly got smashed into by the truck, shedding more and more parts of the car as it spun. Pretty crappy.
  11. That's what I think when I'm drivng trucks few nights a week ans then fools merge in front of me especially when approaching a red light. I pity the fool.
  12. You should put a big sign on the back of your truck saying not to do so because you can't guarantee their safety when stopping. Right next to the dont pass while turning one.
  13. I honestly feel for their safety when they do it and say to my co worker they either want to commit suicide or they're stupid. The fact is most are either too ignorant or just dumb.

    I've locked up the rear brakes 2ice recently towards the end of my shift when laden and it's not a good sight.
  14. Having just returned from the Albany AGM, I was chatting to a (retired) Perth bus driver, who made some interesting comments.

    According to him, Perth Transit (or whatever they're called) as a State Government Authority had/has no Public Liability Insurance, being covered by the State. As such, their policy was that if another vehicle was to put the bus into the likelihood of a collision then the driver was/is only to brake such that no injury is likely to any of the bus' occupants, thus putting any third party liability onto the other vehicle.

    The chap I spoke to was inordinately proud of the fact that he received a commendation from the Bus Company for having had 9 accidents without liability to the Company: he just used the car as a buffer when it pulled in front of him =D>
  15. I often wondered how a bus would go with unbelted passengers. Turns out a car is a gentler stop than hard braking.
  16. This one is hilarious. In the city, drivers can't read it seems. The amount of times I have seen my bus which turns from elizabeth st into albion street completely squeeze out the car on the inside as it takes the whole road to turn is something you wouldn't believe. The drivers then usually try and give it to the bus driver, who usually ignores them :LOL: The idea waiting for the friggen huge bus to turn first - even just out of self interest for personal survival rather than politeness - seems to be a completely alien concept...
  17. Its illegal to change lanes coming up to an intersection due to the solid white lines, isnt it? Hence the muppet who takes the trucks braking space would easily be at fault in the event his car gets some redecoration.