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Cager help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeimbo, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. Read a few threads lately where there have been ride incidents on the road with no help coming from cagers. Lowercase's stack and the Rocket111 that Screwball dropped are a couple.

    Is society really becoming that of the 'step over you if you're in my way?'

    When I ploughed my Boulevard into the side of a Falcon on Sydney Rd 3 years back, I had about 6 carloads of people helping. Tradie rang the mrs of the day, someone found a blanket to drape me in, a mother with questioning kids in tow was asking about where the pain was and another was on the ohone to the police / ambos. I believe someone else was looking after the Falcon driver who was distressed.

    So it surprises me that there are those who just look the other way. a real shame esp in Australian where I thought you could expect a hand. Maybe indicatave of the Americanisation of the country or possibly just a 'screw you, Jack' kind of attitude.

    If that's the way the place is going I reckon it's sad.

  2. that does seem to be the way we're headed. the whole culture of the country has changed, no-one gives a shit about anyone else, everyone's always rude and in a rush to get no-where
    i agree it is pretty sad
  3. I'm glad you said "if" because a couple of examples of people NOT stopping to help is too small a sample to indicate a trend, any more than a couple of riders getting a hard time from the Police indicates a vendatta against riders.....
  4. i got hit by a cager changing lanes without looking....knocked me off the bike at low speed so didnt get hurt. bike was on the ground blocking a truck and lots of cars (this was just before peak hr). i managed to pick the bike up, couldnt get it started so wheeled it into a driveway. waved sorry (i dunno why i had to be sorry) to the truck for blocking him. About 20 cars drove past me in this time plus the truck, no one stopped. And to top it off, the person who hit me never stopped and drove around the corner!

    i remember looking up after getting the bike into the driveway, there was a car of 3 people, both passengers just staring at me after they'd seen me get up off the ground!
    welcome to sydney traffic!
  5. yeah, my other off, with chain issues, won't get into it, but sprained ankle and pulled shoulder and freaked out me with bike i could not move... took 10 mins for someone to stop and get my bike off the road. wanna know who?

    2 female police officers. (we had to lift it cause chain caught up and rear wheel locked)

  6. Weeeelll, Hornet the thing is that in the event of a traffic incident like this, the scant attention paid to the victim is significant given the likilihood of injury and distress so the comparo to the few badgered by the law isn't really a comparable situation.

    I was drawn to the immediacy and impact of the circumstance - a bike rider down and no one cares? To me that's very significant.

    By the way, nice formal avatar there :) Very smart.
  7. Could be worth asking how many folks have had an off and no one stopped to help - by the way, how are your injuries healing? Specially that swollen hand. That looked very ordinary.
  8. Yeh try catching the train in peak hour and you'll see that same culture.
  9. Nothing you can really do about it, except try not to end up like the people who don't stop.

    If everyone else is an arsehole, doesn't mean you have to be as well.
  10. To be the devils advocate here, the missus saw a bike stack it at a set of lights in St Leonards. Turning left in the rain on to Pacific Hwy he lowsided it at low speed during peak hr. No one got out of the car to help, in fact, they were beeping their horn for him to get out of the way. The missus (pedestrian) went up to him and asked if he is alright and whether he needed any help. He didn't even reply, nothing, not even a 'i'm fine, thanks'. Now why would people bother if they don't get any courtesy back. I understand that he was probably shaken up but that doesn't stop people from thinking why bother.
  11. I had a lady run through red lights once to help me.

    But the people BEHIND me were beeping their horns etc.

    This was after a spectacular highside where the bike landed on top of me.

    Now the accident was partially my fault, some ******** slammed his breaks on and decided to turn right, no where to go but the left of him and I believe I was either rear ended or my side stand was down and hit the road, but anyway...goes to ****ing show eh!

    I also broke down recently and was pushing my bike up a hill. 50-100 cars passed me, no one helped. No one offered. I would have been the first to help!!
  12. that's usually a really bad sign.
    and time to administer cpr.
  13. it's not about cagers and bikes.
    it's just a living in a big city thing.

    but i agree with the old fella, that an anti-motorcycle vibe out there is stronger than ever, thanks to vicpol, tac and the like, portraying us as reckless criminals..
    the average person probably thinks motorcycles are illegal and don't want to get involved in any criminal activity.
  14. Tis quite sad :(

    And a couple of weeks ago I was punting down a road on my way home from work. 2 lanes with a median strip in the middle for turning. A small 4wd had broken down in the right lane, they'd turned into the right turn lane a little but were still blocking traffic. I was zipping along, wasn't really in the position to stop and didn't think a whole lot till I got to the next intersection, said to myself "You ********, go back and help". I battled some shitty lights and took a while to get back thinking someone else surely would have helped.....


    I ended up helping them push their car onto the other side of the road dodging tooting cars who didn't get that 2 girls pushing a car = the car isn't working. It took a taxi driver to stop, jump out and direct traffic.

    There are some decent people in this world, but shit they're hard to find.
  15. It's not just a big city thing, I live in a fairly small coastal town, and I can recall many experiences where no one has stopped to help when things go skewiff.

    One night I was in the maccas drive through, saw a sign writer out front lose his load. In the time it took me to get my meal, get out of the drive through, park the car behind his and offered a hand, at least 10 cars had driven OVER his expensive looking sign quality sheet metal to get past.

    Someone earlier said it best, everyones in a hurry to get no where. Some people don't help themselves though, I went to help a lady stuck in the middle of a roundabout once, after parking 100m away as it was the closest safe park, jogging over to help, i was treated like a predator of some sort, and glared down as she opened the window a tiny fraction and told me she'd prefer to wait for her husband. Blocking traffic in the middle of a roundabout. Glad I made the effort that day.
  16. Sorry, but it's not just 'living in a big city thing' it happens in the country too. It's got bugger all to do with any anti-motorcycle vibe. This shit has been happening for years. My dad told me similar stories from the 50's. I've seen it myself, both in the car and on the bike. I've seen cars stalled at intersections with everyone blasting their horns, but no-one willing to help push the car out of the intersection.

    It's more about people not wanting to get involved because they either don't know what to do or are too busy with their own shit to worry about someone else.
  17. It's not just about bikes though, or the city. People just don't want to help for whatever reason.
    I have pushed many cars that have broken down, helped change tires etc, have done the same with bikes.

    I my wife doesn't have the same attitude unfortunately.

    I am less inclinded to pull over when my son is in the car though as I don't want to leave him sitting in the car.
  18. I think that they think that we have it under control. You can never be too careful about who you offer assistance too these days as well. Too many nutcases out there and that could well have something to do with it.
  19. i had a small.. make that tiny accident(lowside at about 20kph around a roundabout) and the first person there stopped and made sure i was alright. and waited for me to get going before they left.
  20. One reason why I will NOT stop for a car on a freeway. Motorbike yes. Hells angels? Yes. But cars are a different story. Too many factors of danger there.