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Cager gets jelly

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by killerb, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. This arvo was my first witness of the stupidity/jealousy of some
    drivers...and it won't be the last.

    I was slowing towards a stop at an intersection which has 3 lanes
    and i'm sitting in the middle lane about 10 cars from the front.
    Either side of me the gap between the cars is huge so i decide to
    slowly roll to the front, past the other cars.

    As i move to the left of the lane to pull out into the gap this red
    civic driven by some old geezer and his wife rolls to the left and
    stops, cutting me off.

    I thought he was just getting ready to change
    lanes when the traffic took off again so i moved off to the right to
    pass him and sure enough he swings the car right and shoves the nose
    into the gap!

    There was still plenty of room so I put my feet down (i was rolling real slow)
    and was about to pass his window when he flung open the door completely
    blocking me. This douchebag then shouts "Get back, your an L plater, go to
    the back of the line." After shouting into my helmet i moved over a metre into
    the right lane and just chilled till the light went green.

    I mean i get that we're not supposed to filter in NSW and that yea i'm on my L's
    but is this really Justified? I only ever filter when the traffic is stopped and
    there is almost enough room for two bikes. Did this guy think i was gonna
    drop my bike into a car doing 1 km/h?

    What do you guys reckon? and (i know this has been covered) but should i
    bother with plates?

  2. that guy is a retard and should be shot.
    he has no right to do what he did whether or not you were doing something illegal.
    if you were robbing a bank then sure it could be justified for him to pull his door open out in front of you.
    but what he did was completely cock-headed and uncalled for. you should have told him to pull his nose out of his arse and stop interfering with the lives of others. (even though he already is by driving a car)
    what a dickless piece of shit.
  3. I wish just once someone had the guts to do something like that to me but at my size its not going to happen soon
  4. yeah, he's a clown and mad jealous he's not as cool as you. seriously, some people dream, others live. don't worry and move on!
  5. So THAT'S why I hardly ever get as much sh/it from cagers as so many other people do
    (big bloke myself)
  6. Killerb - it happens, and you will see it again.
  7. Wow what a dick, i dont even know what i would have done, i like to think i would have murdered his entire family or something equally justified.

    Also, ****ing hell, having an L plate on your bike doesnt mean your incapable of riding a bike with out falling over...
  8. My thoughts exactly kernal, but he didn't have the balls to get out of his car and say it to my face. Probably knew boots V crotch is a battle you'll lose 9 times out of 10.

    I know what you mean taka i'm no small bloke but the plates make people like this guy think they deserve a greater share of the road then i do. I'm 19, been driving for like 3 and a half years and i'm yet to inconvenience anyone let alone cause an accident.
  9. most likley Kernel - I am 187cm and 110kg when riding the R1 i look like a gorilla ****ing a golf ball - and when on the harley the cars dont even want to overtake me in case they offend me
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  10. Hahaha. That's the trouble with being tall, you always look like a labrador trying to hump a chiwauwa when riding the bike.

    I'm about the same except about 20kgs lighter.
  11. I actually got high-beamed an hour ago. Went up to the shops and coming back, bloke going real slow in front, almost stops at a roundabout for no good reason. The road widens into two lanes, so he starts drifting into the right lane - which is a bus only lane but that doesn't mean much, every b@stard uses it, so I went to the left and started move forward. As I get level with the passenger door, he realises his mistake and starts to come back. 40k in 1st gear on a ZX14 - brakes or power? So I gave it a quick tweak and I dare say he got a small surprise. Oh dear. I'm so sorry I rattled your confidence. So the high beams come on and he pulls up to about a metre behind at the next lights. I actually though of this forum while I was sitting there, like what would Smee or Chef or Raven do? I just sat there. He didn't say anything, the light changed, we went on our way.

    Things like this are a daily occurrence. They're not anything to get excited about.
  12. i umm, normally let the bike roll back and when im real close, make like im ****ing around with something to do with backpack and let the lights go well green, before i move off.

    Most cars behind said first ****wit can't see the bike, so the said Mr ****wit gets te blame... Mind you got to be close enough so they can't go anywhere.

    oh and I am Takamii +20kg :D
  13. i'm sorry big fella, i had to.....
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  14. i didnt realise everyone was sooooo tough on here. lolz.
  15. This happens more than it should. I was (un)fortunate to only cop it once when i was on my L's.

    It's sickening how sydneysiders treat Learners. More than one person here can attest to the difference in attitude to the rider once the L plate comes off. Not that i recommend you doing that, but i got fed up personally.

    Whereabouts was this mate? And i reckon if you could've, gone around to his other side, and give him the finger whilst passing.
  16. on the net everyone is a bad ass mofo :)
  17. please do not apologise - I am flattered my first signature quote
  18. Some cagers are just idiots.
    We have a police scanner at work the girls in the office like to listen to all the crap happening around town.
    The other day when i went in to the office i heard that a woman had called in complaining about a motorcycle rider that came up behind them (riding with their light on).
  19. r u serious icestorm ?-- how can a person like that be allowed on the road
  20. Yes and when i started laughing the girls in the office asked why it was so funny.