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Cager does the right thing and gets hit!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by browny, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. riding along Page St in Banksmeadow on my way home from work.
    Just poking along at 55-60kph when a cage on a side street on the other side of the road makes as if to pull out in front of me.... sees me and politely refrains...... and then gets rear-ended by the moron chick behind him!!
    The original cage wasn't moving fast and had stopped for a good couple of seconds when this chick hit him!!!
    Glad he was in her way!!

    He had an old 89 model camry (tough little thing) and the moron had a brand new corolla!! there goes the front bumper, right front light,blinker, grill and front quarter panel!!!! :rofl: :evil:

    I pulled over and told him I saw the whole thing if he needs a witness and thanked him for actually giving way to me :LOL:
    He said no worries, his car had a little scratch.... the moron however was a bit upset :grin: .... So with a shake of my head in her direction I went on my merry way.

    felt a bit sorry for the nice cager though
  2. You are going all soft mate :p
  3. Good on you for stopping. I got rear ended once a few years ago, and the guy later claimed he wasn't doing more than 5km/h and that he can't have done as much damage as he'd done, and there must have been pre-existing damage, which was a load of rot.

    Fortunately I have a helpful panelbeater, who just said 'tell him to come and see me and I'll sort him out for you'. Would have been easier if someone who'd seen the accident had stopped and given me their number.

    Still, while the accident was entirely the fault of the woman in the corolla, if the guy had been more decisive (ie, not moved until it was definately clear), she wouldn't have hit him. No big deal if you're in a camry, but really important if you're on a bike.
  4. :shock: Very lucky indeed.

    Good to hear no-one got hurt :)
  5. Sorry but if you hit a car in front of you it is entirely your fault, what ever happens in front, you should be far enough behind and paying enough attention to stop within the distance. That's the way the law sees it. I see some frightful tail gating in Sydney, what ever happened to the 2 second rule? Is that taught in driving lessons any more?
  6. That isn't actually the law in Victoria... one can have part liability assigned to the car in front under certain circumstances.

    And the situation is different depending upon if the vehicle in front is stationary or still moving.

    It's no longer as simple as you say (although it used to be).
  7. Actually, if the car in front has a loose dog, then the can behind can argue that the driver was distraceted by the dog causing him/her to brake thus resulting in the car behind colliding.
  8. Hi ZRX1200R

    I stand corrected, I am still learning about the laws over here and should have made clear that. I've learnt something already, I new this was a good forum :)

    I still think people tail-gate way too much though :)

  9. Ahhh a tuff ending for the blind cager.. I love good endings :grin:
  10. People keep forgetting it's the 3 second rule :)
  11. Is it?


    I just can help myself being pedantic can I? Although perhaps it should be known as the at least 2 second rule... Is it taught as 3 seconds here then?
  12. Ha ha, you're not doing too well! :LOL:

    It's definitely 3 seconds, but good luck keeping that up without someone jumping into your lane in traffic! I just ride/drive to the conditions, trying to keep the best gap possible.

    I had a situation with a rear ender where a lady took off from a t-intersection, i turned to see that no one was coming and bam! Smacked up her backend, fault automatically assigned to me. Happended on the second week of my Ps. Learnt that day doesn't matter what's coming, make sure the person in front of you is gone (cause sometimes they'll even stop for absolutely nothing!)
  13. definitely 3 seconds according to the learners handbook. :grin:
  14. Ha. I can't argue with that can I? In the UK and the US it is 2 seconds but it's like trying to argue that a helmet is too safe :)

    Hope you didn't push her into the road.. ouch