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Cage vs cage crash

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by bulby, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. The tale began with me pulling out of the office car park after work. I was the 3rd vehicle in line waiting to join the main road traffic from a side street. First was a work van, then a chick in a generic sportsmum hatch. Van had right signal on, hatch no signal on.

    Plenty of space on their left for me to just filter through and do a left turn, but something just didn't feel right so I waited behind the hatch. Sure enough, chick started inching left, sudden brake, moved again, brake, moved... Looking through her rear window, she seemed to be busy with stuffs totally unrelated to driving. At this point, van was actually on the left lane of the main road (parked cars on both side). So pretty much, chick in the hatch could not have possibly had any view of the oncoming traffic. And sitting behind both of them still on the side street, I watched the whole thing unfold =D> (golf clap)

    Yeap. I'm pretty sure most of you would've guessed what happened by now. A wave of cages coming from our right, chick oblivious of them since:
    a) She couldn't see past the van
    b) She was still fiddling with stuffs in her car
    First I thought: "oh shiii... she's gunna get hit." But then she stopped. Whew. A few cages zoomed past in front of her. And THEN she went and tried to finish her turn. BANG! Someone clipped the front of her car.

    Good thing is, nobody got hurt. The hatch looked pretty badly damaged, but it still moved. Didn't check on the other car. Parked SUV got bonus scrapes on its door panel from flying debris (I assumed).

    And so came my first ever opportunity to really apply Flux's tips for making a bike dance in real-life scenario. My two-fiddy danced quite gracefully around the debris strewn across the bitumen :biker:

    In hind-sight though, maybe I should've pulled over and offered to be an eye-witness. But it didn't seem necessary, since it was quite an obvious case - She failed to give way despite the Give Way sign.

    edit: Putting this here since it's an accident. And it might've / could've been nasty for me had I not hung back and waited in line.
  2. always fun to watch cager darwinism unfold.

    i saw a good one last week. cager holding down her horn while another slowly reversed into her. kerunch. then more horn followed by more crunch.
    eventually she got out of the car to find out what was blocking her path. oh another car, dur
    too funny.
  3. Nob in a red beemer nearly did that to me once. Except he was reversing at speed, probably trying to show off his uber parallel parking skills.
    I was stationary behind him and have been for a good 5 seconds at the very least (heavy traffic + red light). He could've seen me in both his rear-view mirror and his right-hand mirror, but nooo... mirror and head checks are for noobs onry. Had to bank my Across pretty far right. The right corner of his rear bumper missed me by an inch or so.
    Good thing it's a 250 and weighs a mere 170-180kg with a full tank of fuel. Otherwise it would've been one of those slow-mo drops :p
  4. There does seem to be an increase of stupid shit on the road lately.

    The other day I saw a Camry accelerate, from a standstill, hard into the back of a Statesman. He mistook the right turn arrow for this straight ahead light.

    This takes two levels of dumb. Firstly you have to misread the lights. Secondly you accelerate despite there being a stationary car in from of you.

    A couple of weeks ago I saw two cars reverse into each other in a car park, despite me leaning on my horn.

    And the M5 has had a huge number of multi-car pile ups lately.
  5. Lol my cousin apparently got reversed into, at traffic lights, by telstra vans... twice in 3 weeks up in sydney. some people are born dumb

    I myself have spent the last couple of weeks practicing coming to a halt in the middle of roundabouts after cocksuckers in cars decide that they dont have to give way to motorcycles turning in front of them, look me in the eye, and just drive (one today was especially funny, was turning left, saw me and heard me beeping at the car next to him that didnt want to give way, screeched to a halt, and decided he didnt want to drive in the same direction as the bike he had almost taken out, so went straight through instead and got hit in the rear quaterpanel by another car thinking that his left indicator meant he was turning left.
  6. No shock - Telstra has been going backwards for a while now...
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  7. Ha - Some did this to me a while back. I was however in my old land rover defender, so barely felt it as some idiot crashed into the back of me at the red light. Cant lane split in a landy, so really didnt have anywhere to go. did some nice damage to their bonnet, and when I finally remembered to check the landrover the only sign of contact was some extra paint.

    If you're dumb enough to accelerate into the back of a stationary landrover, for your own safety, please dont try to walk and chew gum at the same time.
  8. I was heading down Waverley Road the other day.

    I had just gone through a green light and about 20 meters past the lights is a slip lane onto the main road.

    There were three cars in the slip lane slowly moving along the slip lane, waiting to move onto the main road. The lead car (4WD) started to accelerated hard like it was about to go, so I eased off the throttle and covered my brakes. Finally, the 4WD saw me (or realised how close I was) and hit the anchors. You can guess what happened next. The second car ploughed into the rear of the first. I rode past shaking my head.
  9. See if everyone rode motorcyles 'reversing' accidents would be very rare.
  10. And can be easily prevented by a quick slap to the back of their helmets :p
  11. I see this all the time, I just cannot comprehend what they are thinking when they do it. Same with people that take off flat out behind a fully loaded truck and then smash on the brakes when the truck doesn't accelerate rapidly...