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Cage Rage..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by bdzy88, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. So,

    For some backwards reason whenever I get on the bike these days the worlds align, the weathers great and absolutely no one gives me any grief including the boys in blue.

    As soon as I jump in the work car, things turn to chit.

    Mini Rage.. so, eastern fwy, outbound, about middleborough(ish)

    Right lane, following another a car at about 104, bit of room and I mean enough to react if something went wrong .. only.. as it had just merged infront of me and pretty well cut me off too, but in a cheeky way not dangerous.

    A red p plater, in a little white buzz box, comes from the onramp, straight across, across, across..
    *holy chit this is going to be close* ive had the mind to know shes still coming, without hesitation, slowing, looking, braking anything.. one swift swervey action..

    hit the picks as hard as it can muster as soon as I see her in the second lane, and I swear I still hit her, but there was no bang, didn't even have time to swerve or hit the horn.

    just hard on the picks..
    The absolute closest ive ever had to having an accident without actually colliding with something.

    No doubt if I was on the bike she would of cleaned me up in one fowl swoop before she even had time to realise or brake..

    watched her dart down the fwy, through the tunnel then sit in the left lane at the speed limit.

    Although I did get a wave once id blasted her on the horn after, and I mean its not like you cant see the thing, big bright blue hilux :/

    Ehhh, I hate the world.
  2. Sorry to hear mate. I understand all too well - it's times like that I'm tempted to just buy and drive around in an old bomb and not make allowances for others bad driving - just have 'slow' reflexes. ;)
  3. ...Not to mention the road users who think a flashing indicator = 'give way'
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  4. That's generous......most cages - if the even use indicators - use them retrospectively....

    Indicators are designed to "indicate" what you intend to do.....not what you've just done.
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  5. I have a 50 cal mounted on my bonnet and a license to fire at my discretion, then I woke up dammit.
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  6. I've fantasized about having an industrial strength laser on the front of my car for decades now...just atomise whatever is annoying you...
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  7. Sometimes I just had enough & try to ram them at ramming speed then i remember I a drive an mx5
  8. Oh no way! I had one of those revengers when I was at Uni!!!! In the cockpit of mum's XR3 (taken over by me when needed for dates etc and the bike wouldn't cut it), used it diligently to mentally wipe out road morons of all species :mad:

    Mum's like "What is this thing"...?
    "nothing mum, just ignore it...".
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  10. Omg sneo... I need this.

    Anyone for a group buy hahaha.
  11. Too right! Give way I'm coming across in front of you in a gap that you have to brake to create. And to top it off, there is no one behind!
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