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Cage Question: Suzuki Kizashi CVT Transmission? A 4 wheel scooter?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. So the wifes cage is up for replacement. I was just about ready to go and buy a subaru when this thing appeared in front of her.

    Was looking at the specs, and it says the transmission is a CVT. Is that the same as a scooter? Or is it just a standard auto wrapped up in marketing drivel.

    Also, anyone have any idea if the suzuki is a decent car?

  2. suzies are normally very good cars.
  3. CVT is a different type of auto.

    It uses conical gears to get almost infinitely variable ratios. Very smooth.

    Nissan Murano used it first I think and lots of good comments on it.
  4. I think you might be 50 years out of date and 15,000 kms too far east on this one :grin:

    Mind you, I can't speak for the system used on the Nissan or the Suzuki. I'm just talking about CVT autos on cars in general. Daf from the Netherlands first commercialised it in about 1960 with a belt and variable conical pulley system that I can attest from personal experience was very good for what it was. Then Daf got bought out by Volvo who used it in heavier, more powerful vehicles than anything Daf had produced and rather overstressed the system. Dunno where it went after that, but the pricipal is used in a zillion scooters.

    As to the Suzuki, their engineering is generally excellent. I'd certainly have no qualms about buying one if I liked it.
  5. I believe it makes it use still in some heavy machinery. and farm gear
  6. Mitsubishi, Nissan and im sure others have been using constantly variable transmissions for some time. They are apparently more fuel efficent. I would take one for a test drive as a lot of people dont like the revvy, sometimes noisy nature of a cvt as it doesn't change gear like normal and almost feels like its slipping as it revs up. If it has a sports tiptronic mode etc that can be avoided by manually selecting gears/ratios.
  7. The motoring Journos are givving the Kizashi a good wrap. The interior quality is excellent and has a VW feel about it the overall quality is equal to if not better than the other Jap products. I thought the engine felt a little harsh but the journos are describing it as a sporty drive. The manual is a verry responsive machine. I have only driven them at speeds up to 40km but i realy like them. The CVT as PatB said is nothing new. Nissan are the only manufacturer at the moment that are using it in a heavy car like the Murano and Maxima they also used it in the Micra in the mid 90's. The electronics driving the CVT are the important thing and I think Suzuki have got it right a god CVT will not have the lag or slipping feeling and should deliver good fuel consumption. The CVT in the Audi A4 almost feels like a normal auto trans. When I worked for Chrysler Jeep Dodge I had a few Dodge Caliber company cars and the CVT transmissions in them are the same as in the Mitsubishi Lancer but the Lancer feels alot better because it has a better shift program. To get the best economy out of the Dodge I had to put my foot flat to the floor to reach the speed limit and then back off as the transmission would always labour the engine. Any way thats enough If you like it buy it simple.
  8. Let me rephrase, Murano used it *previously* and it has had good reviews regarding the CVT in particular. I don't care who designed the first one.
  9. My partner and I purchased a Suzuki Vitara Prestige in december last year and we are very happy with it, the build quality is excellent. I never drive it though, I stick with the bike :)
    We test drove a Jeep Patriot and Nissan Dualis, both of which have the CVT transmission but we didnt like either of them due to the CVT. Sounded like it was revving its guts out the entire time. To each their own though, Im sure lots of people love them.
  10. I drove one, then wrote about it quickly on another forum..here is wht i said..

    I drove the Kizashi XLS CVT today. I drove it back to back with a turbo diesel cruise and a petrol cruise. The K wins hands down. It actually has some power where the cruise's have NIL. The interior is very good! the doors shut with a nice solid thud and it handles bumps and unsealed roads really well i felt.

    The CVT was an interesting beast, with your foot flat the engine brings it self up to 6000? or something rpm..and stays there...whilst the speed piles on 8) very nice. And the paddle shift is pretty swish too, i was suprised to see this when i hopped in and it continued to delight and impress for the remainder of the drive.

    Tapping the paddles down results in quick steady downshifts, tapping it up results in some delay usually as the computer picks the up shift (probably a better idea anyhow) I feel this 4cl drives more like a v6 which is great, what i mean is that there is always power because the CVT will get into power range asap so you don't feel the poor power curve normally associated with 4cyl engines.

    I was surprised to see the amount of leather on the doors, the nice sturdy handle to pull the door open and shut and I reckon the seats are not too bad at all, the dash is really nice with the rockford fosgate head unit, the USB is a nice spot compared to the cruise. The steering is light but not dis engagingly light. The blind spot as you round corners is hideous thanks to the dumbo ear sized wing mirrors which are heated which is nice. The K also has a better center console than the cruise.

    Now the bonnet is long, by the time I got the seat up to a height i was comfortable with I was losing headroom, this car..not built for the short or the tall? I don't know. I pulled over mid test drive to adjust the steering column, fiddle with the seats some more and it was all sorted.

    The dealer said he is 150 million percent sure there will be no sports model, he could have just been pushing for me to make an order.
  11. If I remember rightly that's the point of CVT it revs the engine to where it's most efficient and lets the gearbox sort out the rest... If I remember rightly Honda have been a major proponent in recent years...
  12. Pretty much, the K sits at around 6000rpm as the speed increases