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Cage parking on or around miller st North Sydney, 2hr+

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by synrgy, May 22, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, i have a job interview tomorrow 8am on Millers St North Sydney.

    I will be in the cage so i need parking around Miller st somewhere.

    Only for 2 hours max, dont mind paying meters. Are there any streets around there with 2 hr parking on the street or is it all 1 hr ?

    Somewhere close to miller st please

  2. good luck mate!!! I think there's a carpark under the greenwood plaza, not 100% sure though..
  3. Park around Woolcott, Eureka and Carr streets in Waverton. Guaranteed free parking all day, get there before 7am though. And its a 10min walk to Miller St.
  4. :LOL: Car parking...North Sydney...weekday...8am........ :rofl:
    Seriously, I'd park near a train station and train it in.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. oups, i missed that, you are driving your car in Nth sydney and you are looking for a spot to park.. I'll change my tip to this:
    [-X :-({|= ](*,) \:D/ :rofl:
    In short, as Andrew said.. forget it
    Or go where micky said..
    ( now forgive my totally unhelpful post, but i thought you were riding there)
    there is a council carpark with 2h free at ridge st (and miller), it's about 300m from cbd...

    May i suggest, take the train or a taxi if you can. that way you will avoid being stressed for parking.
    And stop reading this and go to bed !! a good night sleep will help you aswell!!
    Best of luck :roses:
  6. Thanks for all the well wishes and parking advice.

    I got 2hr parking on mclaren st, paid 4 bucks to the meter and went.

    Interview went very well, they are doing reference checks now so hopefully all went well.