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cage drivers taking racing lines when cornering.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by evelknievel75, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. this must be a recent phenomenon but i have noticed a lot more cage drivers taking corners like they are lewis hamilton or something.

    two lanes, cager turning left from left lane, they move to the right into my lane halfway then turn left. yes, a right turn to go left. they sure maintained speed through that and made it a lot easier for themselves but wtf???!!!?

    when did this ever become acceptable?? the half racing-line corner when they go from the middle lane to turn left without getting into the left lane completely is a no go also.....bloody cage drivers! :evil:

  2. its not recent. I hardly go a day without seeing MOST people pull a little "opposite" to the direction of turning, just before the turn.. I even noticed myself doing it as a kid before the Learner driving instructor rapped my knuckles over it.
  3. Id say this has been acceptable to other cage drivers ever since the model T rolled off the production line? :p
    But to be fair cagers arnt the only ones guilty there are motorcyclists and conducters to consider also.
  4. Only half way in to your lane and you are complaining??? I mean, you still have half a lane left!!!

    Dude, I have blokes on push bikes use both sides of the road in front of me trying to be Lance Armstrong, and break the land speed record all at once, while trying to take on buses head on. Never seen people in such a rush to get to work!

    I mean I sometimes take tight lines, but I'm always well within my lane, and its always out of complete bordom and trying to stay awake.

    (note sarcasim)
  5. To be honest I have more close calls with bike riders in that situation than car drivers.
  6. When I was in my cage, driving on a two lane road a guy swerved out into my lane to make a left hand turn into the shops :evil: . So I moved to my right accordingly (it was dead as, plenty of room but I did cross to double lines to avoid being hit)... 20 metres down the road there's a divvy man, barstard pulls ME over and tells me if I "keep driving like that I'm going to end up dead" (mind you this is with 3 of my younger siblings in the car and all I'm going is a 5 km trip to take them home :? )

    But yeah, I dunno why people do it and I dunno why cops don't nab THEM for it, same goes with idiots on the phone (speaking of which, I was walking the other day, saw a guy in a ute hit an island in the middle of the road because he had his phone in front of his face reading a text message, all he did was steer off the island and continue driving at about 15 km/h without watching the road at all :shock: ).
  7. Taking the racing laine is never an issue; if the nuff nuff decides to break lane, however, kick his mirror off for me.

    And Donuts - what did they say when you said "Did you see the other dickhead?"
  8. The other thing to be (very) aware of, is how many car drivers put their right hand wheels over the centreline in right handers. Ie, right where you'll be if you're coming the other way in the approved position to maximise your vision around the corner :shock: .

    For this reason, in the twistery, I'll tend to sacrifice a little vision for a larger buffer zone.

    I've not seen it mentioned often in official treatises on road positioning, but it's kept me alive on more than one occasion.
  9. +1 PatB

    Cant count the amount of times i've seen the same thing. and not even in the twisties. there is 2 corners that are tightish that i always see this happen on my daily commute. is rather frustrating actually.

    and with reference to the OP, i know most of us bike riders would be guilty of taking 'racing lines' when we ride. its part of how we see around corners. stay wide, turn late, hit apex, finish wide. (or maybe thats just me)
    but i've never seen people go into a different lane to achieve this. bike or car.
  10. Reckon all drivers need re-testing every ten years.
    Make it harder too, don't let the little things slide - speeding, pulling out without a headcheck, failing to indicate when changing lanes or turning - is a fail.
    Make it nationwide.
    Make driving a privillage, somethin worth gaining & an effort in keeping it.
    The rest can walk.
  11. Thats not racing lines. Thats epople who think there taking the corner faster when in reality there actual doing a scandanavian flick which is bad cause it actually leads to loss of control.

    Some people do it though too because there driving semi trailers and need to make sure the trailer doesnt hit the gutter ;)

    And yes it's highly frustrating.
  12. As long as even the simplest of road rules are not enforced, lesser stuff like this will only become the norm.

    When was the last time you saw someone pull out of a road onto a laned road, turning left, and NOT take up all three lanes doing it? The law (at least in NSW) states that you can only join the road you are turning INTO in the same lane which you in when you left the street you were on; ie, kerbside in the street you're turning OUT of, and still in the kerbside lane in the road you are turning into. I bet no-one's been booked for this for a generation; you got no hope of the Police stopping people taking part of your lane.
  13. The resident cop here once said something about not doing people for not indicating because there would be an uproar and people complaining about it.

    Whats more dangerous, 10k's over or changing directions without warning?

    the police/government have it all wrong, raise revenue from people not indicating or have headlights and taillights out.
  14. sometimes taking a racing line or practice on my usual route to the city or anywhere is just to amuze my self and keep me awake .. but not to an extent that it could put anyone in danger.
  15. I've started wide and finished wide in the cage on the odd occasion... but always within my own lane. Using multiple lanes is inconsiderate and lazy.

    I also agree with entering a multi-lane road to the wrong lane should be punished. I hate it when I turn left from the right lane (when its allowed and there's a right turn immediately after) and some knob-jockey turns from the left lane then immediately proceeds to run wide and cut me off as they want to get across to the right too, or worse, when they are going straight and are just an uber-knob-jockey.
  16. I have a nice windy route on the way to work each morning. If in the cage and no traffic ahead, I will adopt the 'racing line'.

    However, I consider the racing line to be fully contained within my own lane. If I get even one wheel in another lane then thats just crap driving. Taking up multiple lanes when cornering is most often not required (and if it is, you must be speeding a hell of a lot) and those who do it probably just do it to look/feel cool/better.

    Car or Bike, I stick to my lane. Sure I may use every inch of said lane, but theres no need to go using multiple lanes.
  17. I suspect some of the wide lines taken by drivers may be due to the fact that to turn sharper would require more effort and skill than the average half-asleep driver is capable of. Why turn the wheel more than you have to when you can just use up more roadspace and keep one hand free for holding your coffee or texting.
    This is not helped by the appallingly poor turning circle of a lot of modern front and all-wheel drive vehicles.
  18. T,FTFY. ;)

    's not just the FWD and AWD cars, everyone's decided that every parking maneuver and U-turn should become a mind-numbingly lengthy series of direction changes, exacebated by the sluggish delay of an auto transmission going from Drive to Reverse and back again. :?

    Or perhaps it's a conspiracy to force everyone to learn J-turns and stunt-parking. :cool:
  19. So its ok for us riders to treat the road like a race track and use racing lines, using the apex, going as quick as possible through the spur, using your 1000cc bike to its full potential on the street etc etc, but when a cager tries to use a racing line, its unacceptable! What was that stupid cager thinking pretending he was Lewis Hamilton?? He should have just gotten out of the way and let Sir Valentino Rossi the 2nd though!

  20. A Motorcycle can use a single lane for a racing line... taking a racing line in a car with um say 50cm each aside of the car....