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Cage drivers suck!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by MissionMan, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. No on a bike this time although some damage to some other cars thanks to a driver who not only caused an accident, but then drove off without stopping.

    Crossed a double white to change lines because he realised he was in the wrong lane to go from the bolte bridge towards the west gate/todd road. As he was crossing the white line, two cars had to slam on anchors to avoid hitting him and one hit the other. He casually overtakes them while they are pulling over and then drives off.

    Got his rego number so I reversed back (quite a wide emergency lane fortunately) and gave it to the guys so they could hand it over to the cops.

    Can't believe someone would cause an accident and then actually drive off without stopping. He even had to avoid the plastic that came off one of the guys bumpers. Hopefully the cops take him to the cleaners for leaving the scene of an accident and then fine him for the double white line as well.

    The road has changed slightly from this picture. Its only a single lane in the far right now.

  2. I dont think that "CAGE DRIVERS SUCK" is really a great heading. You ever driven a "cage"?

    Some car drivers are idiots.. some motorcycle riders are wankers.
    Some truck drivers are excellent familymen, and some Taxi drivers are clean and courteous.
  3. True. Can't edit the topic anymore unfortunately. Should have been some cage drivers suck.
  4. you had up to a po:-sint....
  5. My dislike for anything on 4 wheels is increasing rapidly.
  6. Cagers suck. They kill people, cause untold damage, and can crash and cause crashes without recourse. They suck, the end.
  7. I am curious if the van driver would be liable for anything other than crossing the white lines?
  8. Yup. Can get charged for causing the accident, double white line, leaving the scene of the accident (callous disregard), so he'd be in for a couple. The last is probably the most severe I would reckon.

    Not to mention the insurance costs. I.e. i'm an independent witness and I'm happy to confirm he caused the accident
  9. More likely unregisterd or unlicensed or disquaified,3-10 mostly are.
  10. This is an interesting scenario,
    Criminally: I'm sure he would only get a ticket for the double lines if you wanted to see it all the way through. If anything the car that rear ended the other car would get a ticket for Fail to travel a sufficient distance behind another vehicle. (Take out the car crossing the double lines and insert a dog etc)

    I also wonder what would happen if a cage started to pull out in front of a bike and the rider decides to drop the bike to avoid a collision. The bike slides down the road and doesn't hit anything so the cage drives off as they weren't involved in a collision.

    Insurance: They might be able to proportionate a part of the blame to the driver who crossed the double lines.

    Let us know if there is anything further.
  11. Yeah, it is an interesting one.

    You could argue that the person behind was too close but both drivers reacted different to the circumstances. Driver one in front saw the driver start pulling out and braked hard. Driver two braked and swerved to the right to avoid the car realising they were too close to brake in time but not realising the car in front hadn't budged off his line. Driver two probably reacted correctly for the circumstances because if they guy had continued to pull out (he stopped at the last minute with his nose sticking out) they would not have been able to avoid him because he was so close.

    Always difficult to react in circumstances like that when you focus on a person doing something which can only be described as inexplicably stupid. Both drivers agreed that the person pulling out had caused the accident and had he not done something illegal, the accident would not have occurred. I tend to back them up with those comments. It was such a dumb action that I would have probably wanted to beat the crap out of him if it was my car that got damaged. Both drivers were honestly sitting there is disbelief of what he did and then his decision to stop. I would have called it into the cops if I was them but I didn't stick around to see what happened as I needed to get to a meeting. Just gave them my card and the rego (they didn't get it).

    I'll update you if the guys call me.
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  12. Though both drivers may agree the trigger was van, the accident only happened because driver two was too close to driver one. It's unfortunate, but that's how I see things unfolding.
  13. I don't know if thats the case though. Driver two wasn't necessarily to close. He just reacted differently. He swerved, driver one braked hard, both as a result of an illegal action by another motorist.

    To put it into context, if a car went into the back of a car that slammed on anchors mid way through an intersection because they had to brake for someone that went straight through a red light, would it be the motorcyclists fault or the car that jumped the red light? Car that jumped the red light would have a hard time explaining it wasn't his fault and the driver behind was too close when he was clearly the cause.
  14. This ones a bit more straight forward if you could put a strong case forward that he went through a red light then the red light runner AND the rear ender would get tickets. Insurance could be a different story again.