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cage down?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by carri27, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. got home successfully from ride yesterday, happy that Bangr was fine, having had lovely ride in perfect weather with excellent company.

    hopped in car to go visit friend, in a hurry to get back and get through some chores. made a last minute decision on cnr punt rd & commercial to duck into right filter lane and hang right up commercial. checked mirror but didn't head check, partially 'cos i thought it was illegal for anyone to try to come into the filter lane from any further back than i was (the diagonal stripes started just behind me). Prado came up behind me in a serious hurry, tried to swerve around me, swiped me all down the drivers side and shunted me into car on my left at the same time. all the time i'm just thinking thank god i'm in a cage right now. not a bruise, scratch or whiplash in sight.

    not sure who's fault but suspect probably mine (AAMI say it's a grey area), though don't think he was blameless either. typical bloke (sorry guys, but always pisses me off) gets out the car shouting at me for pulling out - god forbid he should check how i am first, be calm and start to talk about what to do or take any responsibility for his part in the process ie racing down the outside of stopped traffic on the wrong side of the road to get to the filter lane. only very minimal scratching to his car anyway.

    either way, seems my max excess is $450 which is pretty bloody impressive considering the thousands of $$ of damage done to mine and two other cars. and no loss of Lifetime Rating 1 - bonus! first time i've actually benefited from all that insurance i've paid over the years. well worth it i reckon now.

    currently sorting out with AAMI, who, true to their advertising, seem enormously helpful. car's a bloody mess - both sides scratched and dented top to tail and both bumper bars off completely. waiting to hear on assessment. 7 yr old honda civic - don't know whether it'll be worth their while to write it off or fix it. should hear in next coupla days.

    meanwhile happy to be a two vehicle household at the moment so can ride to work tomorrow, but caught a cab today 'cos after a sleepless night and still being a bit shaken, i just wasn't up to commuting on the bike today.

    not sure why i'm writing other than to vent. am i allowed to do that here? thx anyway and won't be offended if/when mods delete this thread!!
  2. Mate, there's nothing wrong with driving on a painted median/island. But if you do you must give way before re-entering a normal traffic lane. Sounds to me the other bloke should have given way to you.

    Any witnesses? Have you reported it to the cops?
  3. no witnesses i'm afraid and didn't call the cops. just wanted to get away from this guy, get the car out of the way of the traffic asap and call the insurance company to get it towed to a service centre. AAMI are sending me a form to draw a pic of what happened...
  4. Good luck! Let us know how you go with insurance!
  5. jeez, what a rotten weekend for Netriders, on all sorts of wheels...... Sorry to hear this carri..
  6. In the future if anything lik this happens, wait in your car and phone the cops and tell them he is being agro - dont take the risk. He is obviously a freaking tools for getting out and yelling at you, he drives a Prado so he is a dangerous pissant who would have a go at a female but not a male (well you have to be to drive a prado? :) )

    No point in taking any risks, cops will be very sympathetic towards you and you might see the fool restarined if you are lucky, nice opportunity for a wry smile and raspberry :p
  7. Good news that you're ok Carri. :grin:

    Everybody else, Stop Bloody Crashing Things!
  8. So you now have genuine racing stripes?

  9. You sure?

    In NSW when I was there a mate lost 2 points and $80 on the spot fine for crossing a painted median strip, copper said "paint, concrete, whatever they're made of, still the same law"

    I'm positive that it's illegal in all states, otherwise why bother painting the bleedin things?
  10. Carri, don't you have "white light" protection on all your transport..... broom excluded... :cool:
  11. The law as far as painted traffic islands are concerned:
    You may not drive on the painted stripes of a traffic island surrounded by double lines. You may now drive on the painted stripes of a traffic island surrounded by a single line to enter a turning lane. However, if you do so, you must give way to any vehicle entering the turning lane which is not driving on the painted traffic island. Remember, the only time you can drive on a painted traffic island surrounded by a single line is to turn off the road you are driving on.
    Far as I can see the Prado driver is 100% at fault in this case - won't change what's already happened but at least you can have some reassurance in the thought that you were right, he was wrong.
  12. you know me too well nobby and we haven't even met... think i must be giving away too much about myself on these posts :)

    hurry = lost mindfulness = white light collapse! spent last night beating myself up for being addicted to rushing and thinking about how bloody dangerous that attitude is for a rider.

    note to self - life's too short to not take it slowly.

    as for broom - haven't mastered my cornering technique yet :) maybe keith code needs to collaborate with the merlin to write a book on it :?

    thanks to all for input. in need of a good night's sleep. sweet dreams, c x
  13. Sorry to hear about your car Carri but glad you are okay. I'm not condoning the other drivers actions at all but it sounds like a head check (regardless of whether someone should be there or not) would have saved you some grief mate. :)

    :grin: :grin:
  14. Realised the same thing when I had a near miss in the cage with a taxi.....better to focus on the job at hand and reach your destination.

    This book was pretty handy at getting over some of the negativity. Not directly the rushing incident but the root cause of the frantic frustration of trying to rush make up for lateness and prolonged tasks.
  15. thanks for the reminder matt.... i'm a big fan of alain de botton - got a dvd or two of his docos and enjoyed 'status anxiety' too.

    speaking of addiction however, i MUST get off this site and hit the shut down button on my computer!!! hope you're doin' a whole lot better after your big wkd.

    goodnight all, x
  16. fantastic stuff. thank you jd. will approach the claim process with this in mind.
  17. Cops wont do shit for car accidents unless someone was hurt.

    My mum had an accident the other week, the other guy was being an asshole, my mum went to cop station to make a statement bout whole thing and they said they only get involved if someone is hurt.
  18. I second (third? fourth?) the general consensus here. If you drive through the painted islands you must give way to all traffic when you merge back in.

    Stupid licence testing procedure in Vic doesn't make people learn the road law properly (my dad is a driving instructor so I've heard all the laws a hundred times over since I was a kid) so even when I'm asserting my rights near a painted island I expect people to not give way to me.

    Make sure your insurance company fights this one for you, you're not in the wrong technically, but with the little damage they might try to roll on you. Don't let them.

  19. But but but.. her back was hurting. Doesnt she remember? Better go back. I have a walking stick she can borrow

    Ohhh and btw thats just crap. The cops will get involved. It just depends on the cop. But if someones hurt they HAVE to get involved

    Example. I was ambling down Burke rd after dusk on my old Trek race bike bumper to bumper traffic. A guy going the other way turned thru the traffic and I had nowhere to go.. hit the brake and his back door at the same time. HE couldnt have been more helpful and apoligetic. Next morning I rang him and he blew me away. So I went down to camberwell cop shop and had him charged. Sued him too. Anyway the policewoman. asked why I wanted to take action. And I said becouse he is dicking me around and I want to spoil his day.

    She was wonderfull

  20. Carri that is awful, as JD said Prado d*$h&@d is 100% wrong . I hope AAMI get the bugger and that don't have to pay an excess. I see vile things every weekday on the road and that is just as a pedestrian - cos I work too close to home to commute. More speed cameras - pffft! What we need is some more policing of idiots who don't know what any kind of painted lines on roads mean. I am sure the government could rake up the equivalent of camera fines on the Geelong Road just from fining ignorant pig-headed drivers. It is just too hard apparently!