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Cage courtesy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jeimbo, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Well it happens so seldom i had to report it....

    Lygon St heavy traffic this arvo. I got stuck behind 2 cars turning right. Left lane full. I see high beams flashing in LH mirror. Audi driver motioning me to go left. Ahhh, thank you. Gave him a big thumbs up. After a blue with a Beemer this morn I was cursing all Kraut Karts but this guy/girl restored what little faith I had!!

  2. Yes, there are some kind cagers out there. He was probably a fellow rider.
  3. it happens... its rare but when a motorcycle rider is born into a family of staunch cage drivers their attitude and awarness of motorcycle riders increases! then they influence their friends and so on ... and well there are no happy skipping bunnies and butterfly's but atleast 1% get the message.

    its good being the black sheep in an albino wolf world!
  4. hey that was me!

    i lied
  5. at least you honest.....
  6. Man, i am in ireland at the moment, (i caught 2 leprechauns so far) and the traffic here is so damn, curtious (sp) everyone gives way to everyone.

    turning across the highway to go back home?? people will stop both ways to let you in, everyone is so damn polite it almost makes me sick.

    i get the feeling i will bash alot more cars when i return home.
  7. Must be living in the wrong part of town. :LOL:

    Peak hour traffic outbound on the Monash Fwy at snail pace. Still had quite
    a few cars move over even tho there was plenty of room.

    Even came up to a bike splitting alot slower. Soon as he saw us he pulled
    into a lane to let us thru.
  8. It's a sign of the APOCALYPSE!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  9. I had a solid line of east-bound traffic to contend with turning out of the Epworth last night, and when it finally ended, "Will the line stretch on to the crack of doom??", a TRAM to my left motioned me out into the traffic!!! I was impressed.