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Cafe type Clipon bars.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by N2O, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. I've decided (in my youth, or ignorance) that my bike would look cool with low down cafe style clip on bars. Now i've been thinking about this, if the bars just go around the top of the fork, what stops them from rolling forward under heavy braking?

    I realise I will have to measure up my forks so that the bracket will fit them snugly, but what about the width of my bars? I obviously need to move all my controls off teh current bars onto the clipon bars, but is it a standard size, or do I need to get them specifically made as well.

    The bike is a 1980 Z 250b. I think it may look a little "cafe" once done (well, that's the plan anyway)

    My preliminary research shows some clipons up past $400. Now this is wayyyy out of my price range. I'm thinking between $70 - $120.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. You're not alone, asked a similar question a while ago and got some useful advice (love the cafe racer look myself). An alternative to clip-ons that was suggested was something like these Laverda bars (sorta pricey but fully adjustable):
    You might also want to consider a set of "ace bars".
    http://www.roadandrace.com.au/parts/parts/Ace Bars.htm
    Only other option might be to scour the wreckers and see if you can source some clip-ons from a sportsbike that'll fit (some Japanese bikes used the same forks with both flat bars and clip-ons, don't know anything about the z250 though).
  3. Try www.britishspares.com - they should have a selection. If you are in Melb try Union Jack. Also give Foran Motorcycles in NSW (if they're still around) a try. There not all that expensive to get and shouldn't be up around $400!
  4. Oh yeah, consider and budget for modifying cables and positioning of items such as the brake master cylinder. If you do the brackets up tight (if they don't come with locking nuts, I suggest you buy some), they shouldn't move forward under heavy braking.

    Post some pics once you're done - it should look pretty good with bars, single 'zorst and a solo seat!
  5. i had thoughts of doing this to a spada, drop Bars and rear set pegs.

    Hmm maybe once i've upgraded in a year or so??
  6. Just start riding the one you got first :wink: it sure would look horn tho'.
  7. my thoughts exactly... learn to ride it as stock....might get a new exhaust the one it has is a little lacking.

    once i upgrade i may have to start playing with it though.
  8. I have seen a few Spadas/VTRs/ whatever they are - they sound fantastic with an aftermarket exhaust!

    Anyway back to the OP - you're only hauling up a light-weight from probably not a great turn of speed - I had clip-ons on a 250 Yammy (disc brake front, drum rear)and the only problems I encountered were having to modify the clutch cable and positioning the bars so they didn't scuff or hit the petrol tank on full lock. It meant that they stuck out a little more that I would've liked.

    What about flat bars? Give you a look that is half-way there, easier on your arms/wrists for longer/straight/windy rides? Just a thought.
  9. Umm didn't the Spada have clip-ons fitted standard?
  10. was just thinking that... yeah i think so. don't drop much though.

    just a thought that a bit more drop, some rearsets and a good note would make a nice little fun bike....
  11. Ive had custom clip ons made for about 120 bucks from rod tingate do an internet search for tingate racing that will find him.

    I have a set of swan neck clip ons on my Laverda jota it weighs in at 290 kilo of bike without me on it and with 300 mm Brembo twin discs under full panic stopps i have never managed to roll the clip ons around even if they are clamped with 2 6mm bolts

    Jesus youve got me worried now the only way i have moved them was when i tossed it down mount alexander road at about 150 ks an hour many years ago at i must say thats cause it clipped the gutter though
  12. The ultimate look i'm going for is that of the triumph thruxton. Beautiful bike.

    I've thought of those acebars, but I think the angles are too steep and pronounced. I much rathre the nice steady curve.
    I'll have to move my indicators etc so my fingers don't get jammed (they stick out a bit, but i'll just shorten the stem).

    Also I don't have master cylinders, etc, as it's all cable pulled drums all round.
    Is the bar diameter a standard size?
    I'll measure up my forks tomorrow and let you guys know!

    Also, I think i've hatched a plan to make myself a fibreglass seat cowl for the rear, to really set the heart racing.
  13. What about your headlamp brackets? with clip-ons normally you need new brackets.
  14. Waaay ahead of you.
    It's already been done. All way has been made for the mouting. Just need to get them on there to work out where is comfortable and safe for indicators and final touches on headlamp brackets.