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Cafe thread

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MichaelR65, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. It seems that almost every ride includes a stop at a cafe somewhere. Coffee is an important element to the enjoyment of motorcycles..

    I have visited a few iconic places around Sydney and must admit to being underwhelmed. Generally the staff are great and the patrons friendly, but the surrounding leave a little to be desired. Rough driveways, lack of shade, generally a bit run-down.

    I am sure there must be bike friendly cafes out there that are a little better presented. Collectively bikers spend a lot of cash. Any suggestions?
    Wombat Cafe. Pie in the Sky Bilpin. Pie on Old Road. Robertson Pie Shop.
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  2. Glenorie Bakery! Grew up in the area and seen it grow from a tiny shop with no seats to a big family business, same owners from the start that keep making beautiful traditional French pastries and now a full deli with cafe and lots of parking and seating too.
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  3. Thank you Senator17Senator17 for introducing a few of us Netriders to Pips Place in North Richmond. Great motorcycle friendly cafe, delicious food, easy parking and great prices. It has made the list of stop offs.

    Pip's Place
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  4. Tractor 828 on Sackville Road, Ebenezer.

    Good food, plenty of parking. Nice ride to get there

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  5. Some pics of Tractor 828

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  6. Seasons of Kurrajong

    77 Bells Line of Road, Kurrajong - best eggs Benedict ever

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  7. Thumbs Down for the Ace Cafe on the London North Circular.

    Terrible instant coffee and surly service. Go for the history or maybe just order a mug of tea!

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