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Cafe Racers and their attitudes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by geezadesign, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Hello All, was wondering if any of you had any 'issues' with the cafe racer style bikes we are now seeing more and more of on the city streets. I like to 'nod' at other bike riders on my way to work and have been doing so for many years. Apart from Harley riders (who think everyone else is riding 'Jap Crap') all bikers happily give each other the nod to say 'Lets stick together commrade!'

    But now Ive come across another offender. The Japanese Cafe Racer (SR 400 etc). Not once do they acknowledge you, basically because you are riding a new-ish bike. What! Are you kidding me? What makes you so special? Is it the chrome tank? The shitty muffler? The open face helmet with skinny jeans? We are all in this together, riding against the elements. So for god's sake give the rest of us some of your valued time and say hello.

    Any thoughts from anyone else? Im in Sydney.
  2. It's me. I have an in-build gaydar. I don't nod to gay people.
  3. Not a problem in my patch. There's a few of them around and they are happy to acknowledge.
    Maybe it's a Deus thing - wealthy clientele?
  4. why not? Are you frightened of gay people?

    I was thinking of buying a 955i, but was warned that they may have issues, how is it for you? I commute everyday so i was worried about it being reliable. Any advice?

  5. I don't want them to think I have flexible neck muscles.

    Most of the negativity towards modern Triumphs is a hang over from the previous era. They are not perfect but they are reliable.

    I'm at 75Mm with mine and it let me down for the first time the other day. I was visited by the Lucas, the Prince of darkness. Turned out to be gunk in the terminals within the key switch. Given that it is a generic switch, it's hard to point the finger at Triumph for that.

    The rule with them is get the latest model you can. Any electrical glitches that existed on a few early bikes virtually disappeared as the years progressed.
  6. Deus are the problem. Or rather the clientele they are catering too.
  7. thanks iblast, maybe i'll look into the 955i again. Although still trying to sell my bike and its taking a looong time..

    and yes, i kind of blame Deus, beautiful machines in their shop, but damn it attracts some wankers...
  8. Give it a rest. You've clearly never ridden an SR. If they smile, their teeth will rattle out out onto the street. If they relax their necks to nod, they'll end up with vibration-induced cerebral haematoma. They don't wave because they need both hands to hold in the clutch. They can't even signal with a foot, because both legs have hairline fractures from kick-start backfires.

    But they love you anyway. :)

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  10. Hey Dont get me wrong, ive owned old bikes and I love them, but why do they now have to come with attitude? It ruins the experience for all of us.
  11. I'd say it'd be the skinny jeans. I have never seen anyone who looks good in them.
  12. How do you nod.....? :)
  13. I've found that it doesn't really matter what sort of bike the rider is on, some people nod/wave others don't.

    Really who cares????
  14. This comraderie you speak of is akin to foot ball bogans giving each other reach arounds because they support the same bunch of meat head pig skin kickers.

    Some of us have better things to do, like keeping our eyes on the road or looking for hot chicks in mini skirts.

  16. Sorry, sir. I'll make sure I nod to everyone from now on.
  17. ,,, i never nod at anyone....why say it ruins the experiecnce for all.... just because i ride past you , does not make you a friend, so why nod at you ... your just a nother rider,,,i dont see why you guys want to nod , wave, or what ever,, who gives a crap if you ride a chop a bob ,a cafe or a hd ,,, if i ruin the experience for you by not giveing you the nod , you might want to ask your self ,why do i ride at all
  18. So other people will acknowledge me & accept me into their social groups, duh.

    Why do you ride?

  19. Why nod, because if you don't than ibast is going to find you and hurt you....

    I'll ask again, who really cares. If you want to nod/wave/raise a finger whatever, go for it. If you don't, then don't. There's not a whole lot of point in getting all excited because someone did or didn't nod or wave to you.
  20. To help me get laid.

    Shut-up, it will happen.