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Cafe Racer

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Mr.Ed, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone, not sure how cafe racer friendly this forum is but I've been meaning to work on a project I have going on and thought I'd create a thread so people can give their opinions and post pics/videos/etc. Basically anything cafe racer since I'll need all the inspiration I can get and I'm sure others will probably benefit from it as well. ;)

    I'll start by posting the "BEFORE" picture of my bike:

    CB500F 1971


    And this is somewhat what I hope it will look like one day!


    Anyway, feel free to post your own bikes/ideas/comments/videos/whatever you want!
  2. that is a fine example there... Love the CBs...
    below my first built... a Suzuki TU205X 1997...

  3. Yeah post up the pics as you go always good to see.
  4. Ellaspede does some nice work.

    (Just google them, sorry I don't have enough posts up to post links yet :p )
  5. Cafe racers are so 2009!

  6. Thanks to whoever moved the topic! Last time I checked it had been locked and I even got a comment about being an old member and not knowing where to post... I would just like to clarify that the reason I didn't post this on another section is that I didn't want this to be a full on resto thread of my bike. I want everyone to pitch in and post their own bikes, ideas, comments and etc (as I mentioned on the 1st post). I lack the discipline required to take step by step pictures of a simple DYI let alone a full on resto.

    Back on topic!

    Took a video of the bike working to get the ball rolling, hopefully this will inspire others to do the same or at least call my bike a POS! hahahaha

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  8. Veeeeeery nice! They've got some beauties there... the XJR400 is my favourite though! Perfect lines on that one.

    How good looking is this bike??:cool:

  9. Hey Mr. Ed

    We have the same bike! I'm doing a cafe/ mechanical tidy up of a 71 cb500 as well!

    what kind of filter are you running? how is your clutch? are you on the sohc forum?

    I'm sure we'll be able to share some knowledge, what exactly are you planning to do to the bike?

    (I'm Sydney too by the way)

  10. Hey mate! I have no idea what those filter are... they came with the bike! hahaha They look alright though and I haven't seen other bikes with them so I'm thinking of keeping them.
    The clutch on my bike was fine... I have the engine out the moment because I want to fit a big bore kit to it. I am on the sohc forum but I hardly ever post there...

    My plan with the bike is to have it looking close to the one on my first post here. It needs some restoration first though... she'd been parked for a while when I got her and missing some bits too (i.e. instruments). Since getting her, I cleaned the tank (a bit of rust inside), removed the engine, reinstalled speedo and tacho cables and even got her another set of instruments though I'm still torn between them and the mini aftermarket ones.

    But to be honest, I sort of lost steam a bit... I only just found out it is not LAMs approved and that's a bummer for me. I knew that both the CB550 and CB650 were approved so I assumed the CB500 was as well... bad mistake. It isn't in 1971. It is however in 1977!!!!! Go figure.

    Someone told me I could get it exempted by the RTA but knowing them, I don't like my chances.

    Where abouts in Sydney are you?
  11. I'm in inner west. I have the rego papers in front of me and it is LAM approved... there's no such thing as a 1977 cb500 so I think It's just a clerical error or something!
  12. #12 Mr.Ed, Jul 29, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2013
    Seriously??? So it is LAMs approved??? I bought mine unregistered and haven't bothered registering it 'cause I still needed to work on it. But if yours is registered, then maybe there's a loophole somewhere... mind you, I've seen a CBR600RR '08 registered as LAMs. God knows how. I only believe it 'cause I saw it with my own eyes.

    Have a look at this of LAMs approved motorcycles here and you'll see what I mean about the 77 cb500.

  13. same deal with mine dude, bought it unregistered and registered it as LAMS in January no problems, I think you'd be ok, my theory is maybe the 500s weren't imported into Australia until 77 or something like that.
  14. Where did you take it to get registered? I'm in Bondi and the RTA in Bondi Jct has brought me nothing but headache... might be worth going elsewhere.
  15. Five Dock
  16. Ok, I might give that a shot... I think all I need to do is transfer the bike to my name and it should mention something on the registration right? Coming to think of it, should have done that ages ago...

  17. Not to sure of process now to be honest, purged from brain after I did it haha. Check out the rta webstie