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Cafe Racer Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 84SR250, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. 1984 SR250

    It arrived on Thursday morning. I bought it sight unseen for $900 from Bundaberg in QLD and had it shipped down to Melbourne.

    This is how it presented itself, not too bad considering it's 25 years on earth, although it wouldn't start.



    A mate dropped around that night and after several attempts at roll starting to no avail, out came the spark plug, a quick sand and a drop of petrol she fired up. This is my first proper motorbike apart from the Vespa, and it rides pretty well. It gets along well enough for me and handles ok, apart from the drum brakes which will keep me on my toes.

    Off for a Roadworthy on Friday which it passed without a problem (the mechanic had a softspot for SR's as he 'rode one when he was younger').

    This is my first ever project of this kind and I'm not the handiest person in the world but I thought I may as well get cracking. Off to Bunnings (hardware store for those OS) and picked up a Dremel (what an amazing bit of kit, I'm thinking of attaching a toothbrush head to it), some wire brushes, degreaser, WD40 and a few other bits and pieces. As the engine is one of the only things that is staying in the long run I thought I might as well start there.

    Pics at the end show the engine detailing

    Off for rego on Thursday then I'll tackle the drop down bars and start thinking about the seat and losing the rear fender, then lights, painting the tank and tidying up the wheels.

    I'm not at all mechanically minded so I'll be asking lots of questions. I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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  2. I also rattle-canned the side cowlings in black to see how they'd look and they came up ok. I'm not sure if they'll stay in the long run though.

    I've seen a few bikes with the battery removed and a cone air filter replacing the box. I'd be interested in doing the same. Any ideas?

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  3. Nice bike! I'm sure you'll learn so much along the way. Good on you for getting out there and getting your hands dirty!

    By the way, that engine has come up a treat!

    Good luck with it all!
  4. the rear end of that bike is so low compared to the front. it looks real cruiserish. You might want to adress that in order to help the cafe-racer look.

    nice one. look forward to seeing more progress.
  5. Yeah you're right. Hopefully with the drop down bars and new seat it'll fix that.
  6. Take the tank and seat off before you buy anything and look at the lines, seems like it drops down a lot. I'd be looking at dropping the forks through the trees and raising the rear and making a subfrane to flatten out the seat area.

    Anyway it should be a great project.

  7. A cone (or 'pod') filter may help depending on the original design of the stock airbox. If its a reasonable design (ie, has the intake seperated from the carby by a panel of filter media, and has reverse-tapered inlets...possibly also a velocity stack leading to the carby) then a pod filter probably isn't worth your while.

    A pod will also require rejetting of the carby, possibly by going up one or two mainjet sizes.

    Cheers, and good luck - boingk
  8. Do a search for SR250 on these forums - I think the seat/tank drop is created by the tank and seat, rather than the frame, so you shouldn't have any problems.

  9. How much was shipping if you dont mind my asking?
  10. $650 door to door Bundaberg to Melb. I rang prob 7-8 places and that was the cheapest.
  11. 1300 Bike Move (1300 245 366) got my 250 from Melbourne to rural QLD for $420 ish, noone else I spoke to would quote under about 8-900 since I was nowhere near the city

    Also turns out the same guy was delivering another bike from melbourne to a house 3 doors down from me :LOL:

    Good luck with the SR, I love seeing projects like this

  12. Yep I tried them as well Dragon, they were over $700 from memory
  13. Got lucky there - bet the guy 3 doors down wasn't getting such a good rate!
  14. I never thought of it that way, poor guy

    I wonder if I should go tell him :p

    Also that guy on PSB has put some stupid amounts of effort into that thing, seems to be working rather well for him though

  15. Cheers mate, good luck with the project!
  16. Ok, I had the bike registered today so I'm able to ride it on the street.

    I thought I may as well have a go at stripping the paint off the tank. It came up pretty well, looks much tougher, and I even have the burn to prove it from the paint stipper





    Ouch, burnt through my volleys!

  17. Nice work mate, and yeah I'd highly recommend heavy-duty gloves and footwear protection when using paint stripper. That stuff stings!

    You may want to check out some of the stuff on dotheton.com , there're some awesome bikes floating around on there, and a few SR250's from what I can remember.

    Keep it up - boingk
  18. Yeah the can said 'wear protective clothing'. As usual i thought 'PFFFT!!!!!!, shorts, a singlet and dunlop volleys are all i need!!!', lesson learnt :(

    although i did wear gloves and occasionally put my sunglasses on for eye protection.....
  19. Did you paint the tank with something to protect it?

    The guy at PSBs is putting in a nice effort, but I don't understanding all the gush that's directed toward it - "Amazing!", "You're an inspiration!" Have these people never seen a rebuild before? And his mods, while again a pleasure to see, are pretty damn well basic compared to the stuff you regularly see on the web by amateur enthusiasts.

    I't looks like a bread cutter and some new vinyl and you'd have a nice flat seat there as well. You oughta catch up with Devery - he got his SR250 on the road this arvo, is planning to cafe (regardless of how much I suggest a sensible utile rebuild to him... :) .

    What size is the carb on that? (VM--?)