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cafe racer on L's?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ljirv1, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new here and looking to buy my first bike i nice cruiser just to get to and from work and a bit of weekend cruising to the beach etc.

    i really like the look of the whole cafe racer style bikes but am not sure if they are a good first option.

    at the moment i have my eye on a chrome Honda GB250 for $3500, but i can't find too much info on them or any other 250cc cafe racers.

    am i being a bit silly considering this type of bike?

    If someone could help me out that would be great.

  2. Hi and welcome :)

    If you can't find one, then make one, or buy the bits for one. I (kinda) did it for my SRV 250:

    You'd prolly pick up a second-hand one for about that price or even a bit cheaper. The bars cost me less than $100 and the pipe/headers were, oh I dunno, $200-odd. Caff racers aren't really gonna give you a cruisey style of riding, and may take some getting used to. Nothing wrong with them being a first bike - if you were to get an RG, RGV or similar, the bar location isn't that much different really. You can pretty much turn any naked 250 into whatever style you want, caff racer included. What about converting a road-trail or some other thumping single? Might take a bit of work but hey, up to you and where you live i.e. if you are in a LAMS state, what about a Yamaha SR500 or something like that?
  3. I think a cafe racer style bike would be good to learn on, it'd teach you to throw round a bike that is probably less powerful/less maneuverable than the more common learner hacks.
  4. Yup, SRV250, but they can be hard to find...

    or you could get a VTR250 and put clip ons on it :LOL: it's what i did :p
  5. GB250's are rare and outstanding. Seriously, one of the best 250's ever. Great price there if the condition is useable. Pics please :grin:

    The SRV250 is a great option.

    Buying something plain and making it into something custom is great if you feel up to it, just look what can be done with a common cb250



  6. That is seriously sexy. Never even thought that you can do that to a CB250! :shock:

    Just shows what the combination of skills + unlimited imagination can get you!

    One for me, please! :p
  7. just buy a spada! they already have clip ons with the same engine... extra gear though
  8. Ya, I'm tempted to own a CB again as my next bike just to see if I can do that.

    There are some fundamental problems with making the CB look like that though. The biggest is the stock fuel tank, awfull semi-custom shape. A replacement is needed, but I'm in little doubt that getting a tank from another bike to fit will be a huge headache. He sure did a good job on that getting a CB400f tank on.

    A CD250 may be the go, same engine, better tank, flatter seat base for choppage.
  9. Another good option- TU250.

    I did an MSPaint hackjob a while ago to express my ideas of what I could to do one.

    It works because the TU pillion seat is designed so it already looks like a racers bumstop, so simply cutting down the riders saddle should create a solo look cheaply. What Paint can't express is the bullet fairing, short exhaust, and tight paint job I would add, as well as chucking the sidepanels.