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Cafe racer CB250 DrifterBikes

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by pil, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Haven't posted in a while. Latest build. 1998 CB250 base. Hope you enjoy. P


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  2. cute, I like !
  3. Very cool mate! Hoping to build a cafe racer for myself in the new year.
  4. I woulda thought Brat? Regardless, looks like a hoot. Nice work fella, but my sorry arse would need more padding than that :wink:

  5. methinks a bigger engine would make that epic.
  6. Love it!

    You're in NSW yes? How do you go getting custom projects like these registered? Any problems?
  7. If the frame has been altered then you need to provide written documentation that the work was done by an accredited welder, along with method of construction and a few pics taken during assembly. It will then be visually inspected by the guy and given the thumbs up if the workmanship is of a good standard. If no documentation then it will need to undergo a non-destructive test, after which it'll either pass or fail.

    As for everything else, you must meet certain measurement criteria for fork length/rake, handlebar height/width, and distance of the bars from the seating position. They are documented on the RTA website.

    You must also have a fender on the front wheel that covers from the top of the wheel to 90 degrees rearwards, and one on the back that covers the whole of the wheel (to 90' rearward from the top) so as to stop debris being thrown onto the rider or following vehicles. This can be negated if the bodywork or structure of the bike performs this function.

    You must run a headlight of at least 20W rated power and you must use a tailight and brake light on all cycles, and the brake light must be operated from all brake levers (not only the rear) on bikes manufactured after 1984 if I recall correctly. Turn signals are required on motorcycles manufactured after 30th June 1972, and must flash independantly at a rate of between 60 and 120 flashes per minute.

    All that comes down to how anal the fellow who inspects your vehicle is, of course.

    Cheers - boingk
  8. looks nice. But that backwards sloping seat looks mighty uncomfortable, no support at all.
  9. hear hear my cheeks cheer lol

    i was looking at the pic and my butt started to ache
  10. You think it looks hard, you should ride that thing for more than 10 mins. The guy that I built it for wanted that look so he gets what he asks for. Its a comfy ride so long as you don't hit any bumps cause with struts in place of the shocks there aint much give. That said its one of the funner bikes to ride that I have had a go on in a while, mostly cause your on your guard for bumps and laughing like a manic every time you hit one. Boink pretty much summed up NSW RTA regs you have to look at for stuff like this but there is some flex in the system. P
  11. Bike looks amazing!

    Just wondering if your still using the stock headers? the exhaust wrap looks good on the headers. where did you source the mufflers from?

    are the wheels the standard CB five spokes painted?

    wow wow wow wow :D
  12. Nice, I have an older CB250 in the shed awaiting the cafe treatment.

    I like the smaller tank, what's it off?