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Cafe fighter (without the fight) advice.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Eatingmaplesyrup, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hi, so I'm thinking I might have another go at my bike and see if I can make a cafe racer/ street fighter out of it over the uni holidays. It's a 06 CBF 250, my aim would be to make it look some what like ducati sport classic. Before I get started I want to make sure it will work so I have a few questions-

    - Is it illegal to modify the body of a bike (no frame changes)? <Will it make getting insurance impossible?
    -Is it illegal to change the exhaust?
    - Can I attach clip-on bars to a bike that hasn't got clip ons?
    - Do you think the frame will be suited to this style of bike?

    Any advise on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

  2. One of these??


    clip ons rearsets and a pipe should suit it OK..
  3. You won't fit clipons on it. They will foul on the tank. You'd need tall clip ons which defeats the purpose. It's never going to look like a ducati, not worth spending the money. I have the same bike so I'm being honest haha.

    Paint it white with a red frame. That'd be the closest.

    Or put MX bars, dual headlights, a small exhaust, a big bore kit and a new carb on it and make a slightly faster than stock streetfighter. And make a brace up to link the frame between the the airbox bolts. Takes some of the flex out.

    But its a slow 250. Save your money for a proper cafe racer/buy a sr500 or save up for a sport classic.
  4. you can get ultra low bend 7/8 inch bars that only have about a 50mm rise. that would be sick.
  5. Yep that's the one.

    Hmm well I wouldn't want it wrecking the tank, although I will most likely be looking for another tank. Haha I know it won't look like a ducati, I was just thinking it might be fun to muck around with. Still has some cosmetic issues from the accident (was dropped off a truck when it was delivered lol), so worst case it would be cleaned up a bit, best case I get a cafe racer. Was planning to get rid of all the plastic except the front mud guard and changing pretty much everything else. Not really too fussed about the speed, it goes well enough for what it is. Also 2 years before I can get a fancy bike...

    sounds good, I will have a look into that.
  6. yeah renthal make the handlebars. i will be getting a set for a project starting soon.
  7. From the looks of it, the ones on my bike look very similar (they were replaced as the stock ones got broke).
  8. yeah but i reckon the renthals would be wider and lower than the bars on your bike. most 7/8 inch bars on roadbikes are a pretty high bend and fairly narrow.

    i think the later fz1 had flat 7/8 bars, just swept back a bit.

    actually, if you want a set of flat handlebars 'spiegler' make a set of 'drag bars' which have 0mm rise.
  9. hmm probably. Flat bars would give it a cool look, i'll probably go flatter or swept back, possibly clubmans? Flat would probably be more comfortable too