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Cadbuy and Roughcactus' Great Adventure

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bamm-Bamm, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Well we’re back from our trip to Bright and thought we would jot down some of the things we did on our trip

    Day 1. The adventure begins

    Basically went straight to Bright via the Mansfield to Whitfield Road , we reached Bright around 2 and after peeling off our bike gear we headed straight for the pool. After a longish walk into town for a late lunch/snack we decided to take the bikes when we headed out to the local Chinese Restaurant for tea The guy in the Ritchie’s Bottle shop suggested we give it a try and the meal was to die for…really good quality seafood and chicken and the price was very reasonable too.

    Day 2. Watch out for the truckies and coppers

    After breakfast at the hotel we were out on the roads about 9. We headed into Mount Beauty and then up to Falls Creek. What a fantastic bit of road! The only downside was how bloody slippery it was…as many others have mentioned the road was breaking up and in some sections the grip was almost non existent. The view was brilliant though…so while we couldn’t ride as hard as we would have liked the scenery more than made up for it. A word of warning though we were following a tanker up the road to Falls Creek…and he was taking up the entire road to get to the top and he wasn’t hanging around either– made you think every time you tipped the bike into a corner what you might find at the other side. It’s good to see the coppers like a good fang though…coming back down from Falls Creek we passed an XR-8 pursuit car and it must have been driven by the devil himself…looked down, checked the speedo, oops but kept going anyway…besides it looked like he was having too much fun to worry about us

    Day 3. Helllooo Hotham

    Woke up to a very slight shower but decided to head across to Omeo anyway. The road to Mt Hotham was very slippery due to the hot weather, the road falling apart, rain and that strategically placed gravel that you can barely see. As we reached the top of Hotham it started pissing down and the wind whipped up too…fantastic conditions to ride up the side of a bloody mountain!...NOT. After a while the rain stopped and the stretch from Mt Hotham to Omeo was awesome…by far the best bit of the ride so far….hammering through the sweepers amongst the pine trees, mist in the air on a fast drying road will stay with me for a long time….What FUN. We stopped at Omeo and had a poor excuse for a coffee before fueling up and heading for Glen Valley before discovering it was a dirt road…so back to Omeo and back we go to Hotham. The sun had come out and the descent from Hotham was so much fun, sweepers , hairpins and oh that view. I couldn’t help myself and hammered off into the distance leaving Shan to her own devices… for somebody who has only been riding for 3 months she did a fantastic job on roads which were pretty intimidating and didn’t put a foot wrong the whole ride.

    Back to Bright we stopped off at The Cosy Kangaroo for tea….and had the mother of all steaks it was HUGE, and cooked to perfection!...if your ever up that way we highly recommend a meal there. After tea back to the Hotel for a well deserved drink and Shan had the mother of all bubble baths and nearly flooded out the bathroom with bubbles!.

    Day 4 The end is Nigh…

    After a nice breakfast we packed up all our stuff, loaded up the bikes and started heading back to Melbourne. We fuelled up in Myrtleford and then headed off to Mansfield…somebody(no names needed) had the bright idea we should head back through Eildon…so after going to Jamieson and taking the turn off to Eildon we end up on a road covered in leaves, branches, loose gravel etc…we travel for about 25k’s and it turns into a dirt road…bloody fantastic…turn around dodge the shit on the road and do it in reverse, funnily enough I was pretty pissed off so the shit on the road didn’t slow me down much, as we made it back to Mansfield in record time!

    After visiting Mansfield for the second time that day…we pushed on to Yea, t was getting late and we wanted to avoid as much traffic as possible so we bolted down the Melba Hwy to Yarra Glen…from there we went though Sugarloaf to Warrandyte and in through Ringwood to Home.

    After nearly 1500k’s, numerous tanks of fuel, and a few too many gravel roads we are back to good old Melbourne…my arse hurts, my wrists hurt and my knees ache…sure was a lot of fun though!

    We Learned 3 things…

    1. An Across seat is a rock with a vinyl covering
    2. If Shannon says a road is bitumen…it’s code for “no it’s not it’s actually gravel “
    3. Bad Keith comes out when we get lost…or we happed across Bitumen(gravel road)

    Pics are here:

  2. sound like a fun trip, we're doing it in just over a month..... but coming back via the Alpine way down to Bruthen, and thanks for the road update....
  3. sounds oddly familar....there must be a set pattern for couple trips.
  4. oh man... there's just not enough summer weekends... and way too many winter ones
  5. Great report. Thanks. I really enjoy reading about people's touring and getting tips on roads, accommodation, and eateries, etc.

    Should have kept going :) It's only 16km long, quite good condition, and the bitumen twisties on the other side for the rest of the way into Eildon are fabulous. Sounds like Shannon's riding probably would have been ready/up-for 16km of gravel too. Would have been off the gravel before you got back to Mansfield.

    Your trip from Mansfield to Jamieson and back would have been nice too .. that's not a bad stretch of road either.

    A gentleman would have swapped bikes and taken the rock hard seat himself :wink: :LOL: :p :butt:

    Australian Motorcycle Atlas - https://netrider.net.au/?page=merchandise :wink: :LOL:

    http://photobucket.com/albums/e399/roughcactus/?action=view&current=IMGP1735.jpg ... That's nooo how u eat porridge :)
  6. Thanks for sharing.

    Adventure to Bright is one of my favourite.

    Looks like I have to hassle someone to take me there again :)

  7. Great ride report Keith, made me feel like I was there. And great photos, too, some of those scenery shots are neato!

  8. He did offer the Hornet to me, however I could not lower myself to riding a Honda :p

    I swear the Atlas said it was sealed :oops:. At lease the bit from Jamieson to Mansfield was worth riding twice :grin:
  9. He could at least have spelt your name properly in the thread title. :grin:

    Anyway, what's wrong with riding a Hornet?? grrrrr :LOL:
  10. So did Keith do any offroading on this trip?
    Come on Shannon... you can tell us :LOL: :grin:

    Sounds like an awesome trip though!
  11. Sounds like an awsome trip guys!

    Yes, the Across seat is just a rock with vinal covering! You need a nice padded arse to ride an Across, I think it's a prerequsite. :p

  12.  Top
  13. consider myself duly hassled
  14. ....or, Netti padded pushbike shorts under the leathers, easier to wash, too.
  15. Or you can make your own. All you need is a bum-sized offcut from a place that makes sheepskin seat covers, and some elastic. Cut the sheepskin and elastic to the required size, mark it where you want it sewn, then take it to a boot maker or boot repairer (there's usually one in a little booth in a shopping centre near you who does key cutting and shoe resoling). Their leather stitching sewing machine for repairing shoes will sew the sheepskin and save you doing it by hand.
  16. Glad you had a gr8 trip. Nice pics too.

    How long before you buy a sheep skin cover for the Across Shannon? :p
  17. souds like you 2 had lotsa fun!
    I hope to do that trip one of these days !