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Cactus Battery ????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by LES2010, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. I have a 93 model ZXR750, it sat for 3 months doing nothing, every now and then i'd go outside and start it with no problems, yesterday I wash the thing and stick the key in, turn it on, it turned over fired up a bit and went dead, did it again it fired up and went dead, then tried again got a whirring noise out of the starter but it didn't kick over, I have horn, indicators, taillight, brake lights, oops no headlights, check all the fuses yep all ok, try to start it, nope won't kick over, check all the connections, yep all ok, try to start it and I get a couple of noises out of the starter and then absolutely nothing, sometimes it just sits there and ticks a couple of times then goes completely dead, the ignition light and neutral light dim slightly when it tries to go but I get no joy starting it, it did start about 5 days ago without hesitation.

  2. Doubt it's a dead battery (just flat now from all the starting). More than likely just water in the electrical system somewhere. Try to push start it today, it'll probably fire right up.

  3. OK, you've flattened the battery trying to start it. That's separate from the fact that it WOULD fire then die. THAT sounds like water in the fuel system, rather than the electrical system.
  4. Wreck-you-later Rectum-frier perhaps? (That'd be the regulator rectifier for those not in the know...)

    I know squat about bikes ('cept how to ride'm :grin: ), but when I had battery problems that weren't battery problems, that's what they beed :? .
  5. I got the good word from the bike shop, seems washing it combined with it sitting for a long time added up to a battery not quite up to the challenge, i'm recharging it, if it hasn't fried a cell all should be well, Thanks to all those who gave input