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Cabramurra ...... again :)

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dobbo, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. After the recent hot weather here in the Riverina, NSW; I decided as soon as temps drop I am on the bike for a day out.
    So Thursday comes around and temps finally drop to 31 degrees, so I jump on my DR650 and head for Tumbarumba, via all the dirt I can find. Now Tumba is 110km from my home, but I manage 160km via the dirt, once there I head out to explore the Manangle forest/powerlines. Then the rain hit and I am soaked. After 8 hrs on the bike I finally make it home.

    Now for Friday, temps expected to be around 27 degrees, this time it the XJR's time to play. (This is the best part of owning both dirt & tar riding machines..... even though dirt, is my preferred genre, I thought I'd snap a few pics and piece together a basic report, for you all)
    After a morning of house duties, I manage to get away at around 11am, heading up the tar to Tumbarumba, with no real plan or destination, just time to clear the head.
    Roadworks from Rosewood to Tumba, make it a painfully slow trip for this section. At Tumba, I top up fuel and my belly, before heading out the Tooma Rd, then up the Elliot Way (Google has it as Goatridge road????), now this road has a heap of leaf litter on it at the moment, and as always plenty of wildlife in the lower section, particularly Brumbies (As I was in this area the day before on the DR, where I spotted about 30 brumbies, so I knew they were about, and their 'poo' on the roadway, is a good indication of this) and I know to keep an eye out for cars towing boats/caravans/horsefloats trying to wipe me out.
    Here is a pic from a lookout, in the background is part of the spillway from Tumut 2 powerstation.

    Finally arriving at Cabramurra, where temps were down, as all the locals were wearing jumpers, so I thought it best I put one on and dig out my 'winter' gloves. (Just a tip: the shop closes at 2pm, fuel is available, but you need to ask)

    Cabramurra is the highest permanently inhabited town on the Australian continent, situated at 1,488m
    Cabramurra is a 'company town', being the place of residence for workers in the nearby Tumut 2 hydro-electric power station and electrical switching yards, and Tumut Pondage dam. Only persons directly employed by Snowy Hydro, and their families, are permitted to live in the town.

    The town has 269 houses, a
    general store and petrol station, primary school, wet canteen (pub) (tavern), indoor swimming pool, single 'Poma' tow downhill ski slope, and tennis courts. The nearest small town for other shopping is Adaminaby; the nearest large towns/cities (that is, with a hospital) are Canberra, Tumut and Cooma. Emergency evacuation can be conducted by helicopter.


    From the lookout I spotted two flouro wearing DR650 riders down at the shop, however, by the time I got down there, they'd disappeared. (more about this later)

    From Cabra, I decided to head down to Khancoban, now this section of road is "UNREAL" and should be put on your 'must do ' list !!!

    Snowridge road, as Google calls it (everyone I know, just calls it the Cabramurra to Khancoban road), is fantastic, and very easy to get distracted by the view, but I'm out to enjoy the 'roses' today, so I grabbed a couple of pics.
    This road is closed to the public, during the winter months, approx. June long weekend to October long weekend.
    You know when you see the red snow poles, you've made it to motorcycle paradise :happy:


    From here it's down to 'Tumut ponds dam', with it's 86m high curved wall, it's worth a stop.

    My final pic, looking back into the hills.

    Then down into Khancoban for some fuel. (Tumbarumba to Khancoban via Cabramurra is approx: 140km, from my home it was about 250km), riding into the servo, I spotted the 2 DR riders, that I'd seen back up in Cabra, both were elderly German tourists on a pair of hired DR650, out to do a loop from Brisbane to Brisbane, taking in a few back roads.
    After an half hour chat, I head home (about 200km away) via Tintaldra, Jingellic, then up the Tumbarumba/Mannus road, before a trip out through Humula / Tarcutta then home by 6pm. All up around 480km for the day. Made me re-affirm my love affair with riding. :ROFLMAO:

    Cheers Dobbo.
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  2. A thoroughly enjoyable report of what looks to have been a great day dobbodobbo. At this time of year you have to take the opportunity of a milder day for a ride don't you. You DO have the best of both dirt and tar riding with your motorcycles. I hope to be able to do similar with a DR650 in addition to a road bike at some stage. Also, they're great photos - the Snowies are fairly easy on the eye and lens, not to mention your XJR1300. Thanks for posting!
  3. Its good isn't it one of the boys had an issue with that bridge on The Elliot Way, heading south it has a 90 deg bend immediately after it, and a dirt runoff straight ahead into a camp site.. He missed the bend , very very easy to do.Bit of paint and skin off. We did it in the rain this year, those massive downhills are interesting in the wet.
  4. There are three roads up to Cabramurra and I love all of them. When it gets a bit foggy, going through the white trees up near the top is really eerie.

    When I was there last March, I just used the card to buy fuel, no need to go into the shop.

    On a visit a few years ago, A Westpac Rescue chopper had just landed at the Mt Selwyn parking area. Up the hill a little closer to Cabramurra there was a rider down with Police and others attending to him
  5. Great riding area but its as remote as you can get, limited phone service as well.
  6. Another excellent write-up and pics dobbodobbo, thanks for sharing. Will be up that way in march and plan to do some of that area, can't wait:playful:
  7. As l do most my riding alone, l do find myself fairly isolated, especially out West on the DR650. However, up in those hills, if you go over the edge, you'd be hidden in the thick scrub. So l now carry a 'Personal Locator Beacon' that fits in my pocket, to be used only if I'm really in trouble, downside to it is that l have to be conscious to activate it.
  8. I love that section of road. Given I am from Brissie, its no short ride there so I always plan to spend a night camping at Bradleys Hut. I need to get a good couple of weeks up there so I can go exploring on the DR650.


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