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Cable lube question

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by AGR44, Jul 10, 2015.

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  2. I wouldn't use that product personally, just going off the product description and application list but to each there own. Sounds like it's suitable for exposed cabling, not a thin cable enclosed in a sheath.
    Just my opinion though mate. I'm not product expert.
  3. Thanks mate. I think you're right. It doesn't sound ideal. I might drop in at the local bicycle shop to see what they have :)
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  6. Has anyone used the motul one? Sounds like WD-40 but triple the price!
    Don't get me wrong, I love Motul products, but if it's the same shizzle...
  7. Cable lube V WD40 - ADVrider
  8. fair enough hairy muff!
    Thanks for the link! Now i know, don't lube the cable at all! Just the pivot ends.
  9. I used to use Singer sewing machine oil.....
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  10. Most manufacturers recommend gear oil (HD90-120). I have used it for many years and its cheap and a 1 litre bottle lasts yonks. Simply put in in an old sauce squeeze bottle and apply accordingly, preferably on a warm chain.
  11. Why do you need to warm up your chain to lube your cables?
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    I probably should have read the initial posting more thoroughly! I was referring to the drive chain in my response

    The oil flows better into the O rings etc if the chain is warm. It simply means you lube your chain when you return from a ride.
  13. I seem to recall finding that the cable lube I have was just effectively motor oil with a light solvent to help it penetrate..

    you just want an oil heavy enough not to evaporate, and light enough to penetrate.

    Singer sewing machine oil would be pretty good, and comes with a thin nozzle :)
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    MSDS for Ipone"Spray Cables"

    mineral oil

    so basically just mineral oil

    INOX suggest MX5 for use with cables
    it has:
    VISCOSITY @ 40°C 10.86cst
    VISCOSITY @ 100°C 2.74cst

    and from Bob Viscosity Charts - Bob is the Oil Guy - Bob is the Oil Guy
    11 centistokes @40C is way lighter than 5W engine oil
    ISO 10 is about right for very light Hydraulic fluid...

    and from various links, Singer sewing machine oil is about 10cst at 40deg... ;)
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  15. AGR44,
    Most modern cables have a nylon (or similar) sheath which don't need lubing apart from where they enter the levers at each end.

    That said, when I work on friends bikes (with older style cables) I use Bel-Ray cable lube with the metal and silicone thingy that clamps on the end of the cable and forces the lube right through.
  16. Thanks JarseJarse - mine are definitely the older style.