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cable locks or chain locks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blue, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. i am looking for something i can carry under the seat therefore would like to go for the cables since they can be rolled up real small. one thing i m not so sure about is their resistance to bolt cutters compared to chain locks.
    found a product called tylink which looks pretty good but the starting price is above 200$. what are your thoughts?

  2. I have a caliper lock its small and easy to carry , but incredibly embarrasing if you forget its there and attempt to ride off ... I have since bought myself a boogie board leg rope which i attach to the throttle grip while the other end is on the lock .... im pretty sure theres no way around breaking this thing off with out damaging the bike and making it unrideable ...or picking the bike up and walking off with it while the alarm is going berzerk ... so i feel safe
  3. I too carry a disk lock while out, and yeah its pays to get a reminder cord! Its small and easily fits under seat.

    I have a Magnum cable lock for overnight lockup at home as well, cost $80.

    As everyone says, if someone really wants to take your bike there's not much you can do about it, so I think a disk lock is sufficient for public parking.
  4. Ocky straps work well as a reminder cable. Put one hook through a hole in the disk rotor, wrap it around the right grip and then back down through the disk rotor. Just make sure it isn't too taught or it may end up scratching paintwork. And unlikely to get stolen. Used this for about 6 months then decided to buy a plastic purpose made one that I hook around the disk lock. Just because I could.
  5. hmmm ok.
    I bought my Titan disk lock and reminder cord on special for $30.
  6. My reminder cord came with the disk lock. I think it's a Masterlock. $50 at K-mart.
  7. my disc lock didnt come with a reminder chord , i saw the purpose built chords and noticed how they were so similar to the boogie board leg rope chords , so i went and spent 5 bucks on one and its identical to the purpose built ones
  8. hmmm not too keen on disk locks. looking for a good strong cable or chain lock so i can lock it to a post or railing and can fit under the seat.havent had much peace at work or home since i got the bike.
  9. i built myself a tilt sensitive alarm with a mercury switch and a 120 Db house alarm screamer for under 50 bucks ..... excellent back up for the disc lock
  10. i've got one that goes on the rhs bar, locks on to the brake lever.. highly visible and impossible to ride off with the lock on :)
  11. I dont bother with anything. I have 2 disc locks but dont usually
    use em.

    Way I see it is if someone wants ya bike they'll take it regardless.

    These days no one gives 2 sh*ts if an alarm goes off.