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Cabinet maker needed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, May 10, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    Anyone here a or know of a cabinet maker that can build me a bench.

    It's a fairly simple job, its 650 mm deep by 3245mm wide, then right angle's out for a further 3110mm.

    It's basically an "L" shaped bench that I want to put into the study and lose the current setup.

    Nothing fancy, other than it having a few holes in the back for hte cables to run down. Oh, and unlike one that I would build, I'd like it to stay up ;)

  2. I think Phanoogy is a cabinet maker.

  3. Be that as it may, I too can build one that is on an angle, bent and half hanging on ;)

    If he is then I'd like for him to give me a quote
  4. Yeah i need one too, at a good price.
    Vic, can you please let me know how you go?

    Thanks :)
  5. Hey Vic,
    My Housemate is pretty handy with making things. He's built all the shelves in our kitchen and made bookshelves and cabinets and used to work as a cabinet maker. What kind of material are you wanting it made from?
  6. Perfect, thats what I need, it looks fairly straight ;)

    I need it to basically, line 2 walls of my study, see plan below. Location is where the red lines are.

    I do like the white but I might get yelled at by the finance dept.

    The idea of having a raised platform where I can sit the monitors and store shit underneath it appeals to me heaps.

    I was thinking more of a bench that is bolted to the wall with some L brackets? as in a large 90 degrees L that is fabricated and then assembled in the study?
  7. So I take it you don’t want any cabinets underneath the bench top?
    They L brackets better be extremely strong as they’re going to be taking a bit of weight there...
    Someone did come in and was after something like that for an office....I told him to go away in a nice sort of way

    Im a kitchen maker and it’s just nothing like that so I will have to put it into the too hard and better for someone into that sort of thing

    If you are after cheep priced kitchen tops for this project I can get them ordered in at cost (less for cash deal too)

  8. My house is 3 years old.

    Had I known that no fcuker out there can build me a bench, I would have asked the builder to do it for me :roll:

    How hard could it be? two pieces of wood(kitchen benches even) joined at right angles, supported against the wall with some L brackets, 4 metal feet supporting the front of the bench.

    Ahh well, perhaps I'll ask a butcher or a florist to build me one, not one cabinet maker has been able to make a bench for me :(
  9. As you said yourself even you can do it...BUT you want someone to do it for you so it don’t fall down, I too could also do it but I have not done anything like it and would only be guessing at what is needed to secure it in a safe way
  10. Not having a go at you dood.

    Just frustrated that I've had so many people through to quote the job and some say $3,500 some say, nah mate, it's too hard for us or they just don't turn up.