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Cabbie assaulted by Cyclist

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. Before I saw the time (1.30 am) I assumed the cabbie had done something royally stupid to piss off the cyclist.


    Cyclist assaults Sydney cabbie

    A cyclist has allegedly punched a taxi driver in the head and stolen the keys to his cab, in the latest act of violence against Sydney cabbies.

    The 42-year-old taxi driver sustained minor bruising to the head as a result of the incident, which occurred shortly after he dropped off two passengers in Beauchamp Road, Maroubra about 1.30am (AEDT) today.

    Police say the driver was then approached by a male riding a red bicycle who punched him in the head.

    As the driver attempted to drive away, the cyclist removed the keys from the cab's ignition.

    The man retreated when witnesses came to the driver's aid, only to return and throw an object at the taxi, causing damage to a window and door.

    The man then fled on the bicycle with the keys to the taxi, police say.

    The cyclist is described as white/European in appearance, thin build, about 18 years old, and wearing shorts and a white, long-sleeved jacket wrapped around his head.

    The incident is the latest in a spate of attacks on Sydney taxi drivers, including the death of Youbert Hormozi, who was beaten and left for dead on a street in Canley Heights on January 31.

    Two 14-year-old girls have been charged with his murder and will appear in Lidcombe Children's Court on March 30.

    Another taxi driver was threatened with a knife and had his cab stolen when he was robbed at Daceyville on February 9, while another cabbie was punched in the face during an incident in Matraville yesterday.
  2. Did anyone get the bicycles rego plate???
  3. bet the cab cut him off somewhere, just like they do to everyone else.
  4. I don't think so by the sound of the offender and the nature of the attack. What's the bet the driver was lebanese?
  5. that shocks me

  6. 90% of taxi drivers deserve a swift kick up the arse (or a punch in the face.... either works for me)

    i'm not normally one for stereotyping, but fark those guys make it hard not to. the courteous, skilled and passive taxi drivers are so few and far between that you'd be forgiven for thinking they went the same way as the dodo bird. i wouldn't beleive they existed at all if i hadn't met one a few years back, what a suprise, i thought someone must have drugged me! :p

    i dont know why they felt they needed to mention the stabbed cabby, this had as much to do with that as vegemite has to do with strawberry icecream. my instant thought is that this cabby was just another one of those tosspots that needed a swift kick and someone actually gave it to him. whats the bet this cyclist was just an inch away from becoming roadkill....
  7. How do you spell KERPLUNK!!!?

    Thats the exact sound the cabbies keys made as they were thrown down a drain in the next street.

    There will definitently be two sides to this little fable.
  8. Whats the bet all cyclists are inches from becoming roadkill the way they ride 3 and 4 abreast and hog entire lanes doing 40 in a 60 zone. To motorists all cyclists are simply obstacles that must be passed; odds on them getting clipped are high.
    As for cabbies wearing a right hand and having their ignition keys taken, I still can’t get the smile off my face.
  9. yeah, odds on us cyclists being CLIPPED are pretty high, i couldn't count the amount of times thats nearly happened. but nearly being clipped is nowhere near the worst of it, nearly being clipped is something we just deal with, i dont know a single cyclist that gets the aggro about that.

    we have just as much right to be on the road as the next cager/motorcyclist/truckie/fat guy on a donkey, i think we deserve a little more respect than that given to your average witches hat. obstacles my arse :roll: did that extra 3 seconds taken off your trip to work while you safely overtook me really hurt you that much :p :p

    (not a fan of 2 abreast either. big fan of 2 breasts. not a fan of lycra on males. big fan of lycra on fit females. just as much of a fan of it not being on them too :grin: )
  10. Why? You don’t contribute to the cost and maintenance of roads as you don’t buy petrol and hence state & federal taxes are avoided, you don’t pay TAC premiums but do enjoy benefits, who do you think pays for the bike lanes? Cyclists don’t, its motorists that fund you guys.
    Personally id rather deal with more cyclists than cagers on the road, but I would rather they only be able to travel in dedicated bike lanes during peak hour.
    Motorists will never see it like that, so long as there is a posted speed limit then every motorist wants to do that speed and not a single kph less, cyclists will always be obstacles.
    Dedicated lanes on roads able to accommodate them are the safest way.
  11. Well DuHast, agree with you sentiments to a point, I drive a car, ride a motorbike and cycle. I would resent having to pay extra for a bicycle considering the amount of damage they do to the road compared to trucks.

    I also have four kids who ride bicycles, are you proposing another tax on families?
  12. Hey DuHAST, welcome to 2006 :shock:


  13. kids/cycles/road > not a good mix, keep em on the bike tracks for their own good, the more bike lanes/tracks the better, even if you have to shell out money.
    In the late 90's i witnessed a shocker fatality, it was a dreary dark rainy winters morning on the Nepean hwy, local paper round boy got hit by a car and his head hit the A pillar, the helmet was useless like most those bike helmets that would only cover a bald patch. The kids head was like jelly.
  14. Wow what a truly stupid argument. Do you really not know where road funding comes from. Amazing.

    Most motorcyclists are at least mildly pro cyclist. But it takes all kinds I suppose. I can;t even be bothered rebutting your points. Do some teeny minimal research.. hell just read your rego renewal
  15. Thats cos we are now so focused on speed as the only safety measure that we ignore situation logic. Empty road 3am still dangerous to do 10k over cos the sign says so :roll:
  16. hahahahaa pwned :cool:

    i would say i DO pay taxes on petrol. petrol to run the 2 cars and 2 bikes and lawnmower and brushcutter that we have in our home.
    and TAC premiums, methinks i contribute there too.

    you'll find that MOST cyclists, even the crazy lycra wearing triathlon trainers, still have a car. they therefore are still contributing and have every right to the same services

    and for those that dont own motorised vehicles (hey, should we start picking on those that drive company cars too? :p ), doesn't it just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside to know that you are helping to
    a) keep australia from becoming a land filled with people so fat they cant see their own naughty bits without the use of a garage jack and a mirror and
    b) fix the broken bones and scorched skin of the cyclists that get run off the road by taxis

    :p :p
  17. Thanks port80 for saying what I was thinking.

    Most cyclists on the road have car licences anyway. I ride pushbikes often (as a way to restrict waist expansion!) and my latest roadbike weighs 8kg. I'd dare to say a single rainstorm would cause more erosion damage to a road than my bike would in any one trip. How do I avoid state and federal taxes? I paid to get a car, bike, forklift, & boat licence, and I pay income tax, not to mention the GST on everything, etc etc. Most local roads and many arterials I believe are councils' responsibility, for which the cost comes out of rates, not petrol.

    PS. What coconuts said too :wink:
  18. Modern surfaced roads were actually introduced for bicycles.

    The pot holes are a car and truck added feature

    Just for your information.

    Say thanks :)
  19. I agree with what everyone else has said to rebut Duhasts ignorant comments.
  20. Australia is one of the most highly taxed countries in the world.

    Everyone pays out of their tax for a whole bunch of stuff they don't use. And then maybe overuse on some.

    Evens out.

    (And my favourite argument for those DINKS who say why are their taxes paying for schools they don't use as they don't have kids...what? Didn't you go to school and uni, paid for by the tax payer?)