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C90 vs C110 for around the world

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by A boy named Sue, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. http://www.c90adventures.co.uk

    This guy had a great time on his C90.

    Are parts as available worldwide for the CT110? Should I go for a bigger bike like a CTX200?

  2. I love that guys graph of costs for riding "C90 to Malaysia" vs "GS1200 to the supermarket".
  3. Here is one of his videos about his c90, quite funny.

    The drums at the end are my favorite.


  4. it's got one fucking cylinder that's smaller than my cock! :rofl:
  5. I wouldn't bother trying to source a cheap small bike here if your were planning on doing a around the world trip on it. Instead I'd just buy something new somewhere in SE Asia and go from there. For what you pay for a used postie here you can pretty much get a new 125cc Honda Cub clone step-thru over there. Parts shouldn't be an issue, because most of the Asian manufacturers never bother to make any changes to the Honda parts they copied.

    Other alternative is one of the many Chinese Honda CB125 or Suzuki GS125 clones. Again parts availability isn't much of an issue since if need be the original Honda/Suzuki parts will work just fine.

    Plan your route before deciding on what to get. Some countries like Malaysia, China, Vietnam, India, etc. have restrictions on any bike over 125 or 175cc. So there are advantages in staying under that limit.
  6. I wasn't being serious about a trip -- just posting an example of why you don't need an adventure bike in the adventure bike forum. But now that you are adding some wisdom I'll add some. I was recently in Peru for work and there were heaps of these Chinese clones but no posties. There were XR400 clones too, you could get a new one for a couple of thousand Australian dollars.

    ...didn't see any c90's over there -- but was more interested in the improvised luggage systems and I now have an esky on the back of my VTR250.
  7. Ahh, I see. Problem is I'm the sort of person that considers riding around the world on a CT110 a perfectly reasonable proposition :LOL:.

    Is funny that the places Adventure Bikes are supposedly designed for, are the same places you rarely ever see one (bit like luxury 4wds I suppose). Go to a cafe in a luxury suburb however and the damn things are everywhere.... :p

    I've also seen the little Cub and CB125 clones get to some pretty remote places - and that was with 4 people and a pig onboard. Even ridden them myself into some interesting places, like when I inadvertently rode the length of what I later found was a hiking trail (it was the stairs at the end that gave it away).
  8. Whilst I ride a BMW F650GS here, if I were to go any Asian destination I would definitely buy something local. No matter how adventurous these big tourers are and remote the destination they get to, some little Honda or clone will tootle by with the family on it on their way to do the shopping.
    I have ridden around Japan twice on a 100cc scooter, and whilst hardly a third world country, it is a compact and relatively slow place to ride and was an ideal choice.
    Parts and some level of repair expertise exists everywhere for these small bikes, and they don't attract the level of attention that the big European hardware do, so small bikes really are an ideal RTW choice for 3rd world destinations in my view.
    Not in Australia/USA though, as you will get squashed like a bug.