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VIC C725 Donnybrook Road - West of the Hume Freeway

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' at netrider.net.au started by Brett Harrison, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. #1 Brett Harrison, Jun 4, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2015
    About half way between the Hume FWY and Mickleham Road on the Donnybrook road west bound, there are 2 large pot holes in the road. Ok for a car, bad for a bike. Unlit area too.

    There is house construction either side of the road. The holes have been repaired numerous times but when it rains they reappear.

    VicRoads notified.
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  2. Credit to Vic Roads....... On the way to work and there was a team repairing these holes. Not just filling with a bit of asphalt, compacting and heading off, but dug substantially away from and down from the affected area and look to have done a proper repair. All done now, let's see how it goes.

    The VR report line seems to work, in this case anyhow. I said that the road was a hazard for bikes, which it was and they must have agreed.

    Whatever, thanks Vic Roads!
  3. We as motorcyclists get into a mindset of a Siege Mentality. A sense of common victimisation. That probably leads to us under-reporting road hazards. We report the matter to our peers but not to the authorities.Your example shows we shouldn't be so insular and expect the authorities won't do anything. A good result Brett.

    So if you are a Victorian add the reporting number to your mobile phone 13 11 70. Other states will have similar reporting options.
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