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c50 fuel milage

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by xyzbigred, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. wondering what sort of ks i should be getting out of my 07 c50 i have cobra street rods fitted fi the fi2000 controler i think its running rich though popoffs and black pipes i know nothing mechanicly so if anyone can tell me ks per tank that would be great thanks jamie

  2. Stock standard C50 gets around 20-22ks per litre.
  3. Is the O2 sensor fiited to the pipes?
  4. no they just taped it up i think
  5. I dont think taping it and tucking it away would do a closed loop system any good. From my understanding the ECM monitors O2 and adjusts the mixture to compensate, so if left sensing only fresh air, the ECM will think that the mixture is too lean and would wind up fuel intake to compensate. Logic dictates then that the bike would be running far too rich.

    Anyway this was my thinking and decided to get a bung fitted for 20 bucks, bike runs bewdiful, no backfirimg, decelleration poppin, fouled plugs or increase in fuel consumption.
  6. when u say bung fitted you mean so sensor is back inside pipes like original i live rural nsw what sort of shop did u use to get bung fitted and i would assume that bike would need to be retuned after this sorry for all the questions im a newbie when it comes to bikes thanks
  7. Yes thats right, a hole drilled in one of the pipes and a bung nut fitted to take the original sensor back. You'll just have to mark where you want it to go, I just marked and fitted mine to the rear cyl pipe around the same spot as where it was located on the original pipes, just keep in mind the length of the wires to the sensor. Then just remove the pipe and take it along with the sensor to any mufffler/exhaust shop and ask them to fit one accordingly.

    Its not perfect, as the sensor is only measuring O2 from one pipe, but its as damn close as you'll get it. If you wanted to make it absolutely spot on, then you'd have to fit a joining pipe to connect both pipes. But, havin said that, mine is only in one pipe and works flawlessly.

    Also its my understanding that you don't need the FI controller for just aftermarket pipes. I've got one ready to fit when the hypercharger goes on, but with just the Cobras I have on at the moment, its not required. The std ECM will be able to adjust fuel/air for this mod. Certainly if you're gonna fit a hypercharger, you'll need it as the std ECM will not compensate this far, does that make sense?
  8. I usually get to 250k and the fuel gauge starts to flash on the last bar.
  9. thanks ill do that as im only getting around 220ks per tank where i think i was getting around 300 before the cobra pipes
  10. I get about 250km from mine.
    i've got Hard Chrome Big Straights with the O2 sensor fitter, however, i still need a fuel processor, she's running a bit lean!
  11. I have K&N filter and the original baffles changed for larger outlet (bore) baffle (good sound). :)
  12. What fuel RON are you running with.
  13. Also fit yourself a K&N Filter and then you must get the ecu remapped.

    Suzukis can have the existing ecu remapped. I did it on my Boulevard when i had it and it made a noticable difference.

    I had K&N Filter and debaffled the std pipes..

    Yours will be running rich for 2 reasons, the O2 sensor is not fitted and it also needs to be remapped..
  14. thanks will try that