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C50 boulavard oxygen sensor eliminator

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by ldborg55, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. Hi guys. I have just added a set of Vance and Hines pipes to my 2007 c50. I am getting a PC111 for the bike also. Do I need a sensor eliminator as well, and if I do can someone tell me were I can find one for my bike, have been serching with no luck.

  2. who is installing the PC111 ?

    They will know what to do :)
  3. I was planning to do it myself, it seem pretty straight forward.

  4. Uh, don't think you need one: the pipes won't have a sensor bung & the PCIII doesn't have provision for an O2 sensor...

    Could be very wrong though... ?
  5. Keep the sensor unless you are having a full map tuned by a pro on a dyno. It's there for a reason and your bike will run like shit if it has to rely on the base map only. A full custom map tuned to your bike is of course even better though and the only time you don't need to run one.

    Edit: and to the above the PCIII doesn't need a provision for any data such as an o2 sensor. It mearly intercepts the signal coming out of the ECU and modifies it according to the map loaded into it. Thus the o2 sensor will still talk directly to the ECU as it always did, and will actually help the tune at light load or cruising rpms (o2 sensors are ignored by the ECU at wide open throttle)
  6. Thanks for the info, i'll take it on board, and organise a dyno tune.

  7. I followed instructions from Dynojet UK on how to disable my O2 sensor when I fitted a Dobeck TFI to my M50 a while ago.

    Unfortunately, I can't figure out a way to attach the doc to this message as it exceeds the file size limit.

    I can email it if needed.

    My M50 ran like shit with the O2 fitted, with Staintune slip-ons (hunting at light throttle openings). Cured it by fitting the TFI and richening the mixture slightly.


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  9. hi purplem50 im new on this site ive got a 2005 m50 and I was just hoping you can email me the instructions on how to disable my 02 sensor plz as ive got the same problem thanks
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